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Author Topic: [ok] Cargo Volume - Add to New Aircraft Available Page  (Read 386 times)

Offline yearofthecactus

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[ok] Cargo Volume - Add to New Aircraft Available Page
« on: May 07, 2018, 02:19:00 PM »
When you click the New Aircraft page, you choose your parameters and then are given a list of all the aircraft currently in production.

I think Cargo volume should be added to the information given, next to cargo capacity and range as a new column. At present, the cargo capacity metric doesn't give the buyer a good insight into its cargo carrying abilities.

An example of this is the MD-90 series. If we look at the picture, we see 4 options in the series available in GW2.

The MD-90-30 shows 3780kg of cargo capacity, but the plane has a workable 15 cubic metres of space.

The MD-90-30ER shows 4 680 kg of capacity, but available is a smaller space but still OK 11.55m3

The MD-90-50 shows 4680 kg of space, but hidden away is the fact this planes has a paltry 1.55m3, and this plane basically has no cargo capability. Looking at the range curves, it still looks like if you only fly the aircraft to 2500nm, full cargo allocation of 4680kg should be allowed to fly, but in reality you can only get a few hundred kgs and no medium in if you're lucky because of the space.

There are a few issues like this where information on the cargo capabilities of pax planes isn't clear. One of those I've stated before is the different parameters that  pax planes  default ranges are calculated (at a figure about 2/3 of MTOW or thereabouts of max range), whereas full cargo shows the 100% MTOW distance, something I'd like to see merged in one way or another).

But this very specific issue means without knowing the cargo volume capability of a plane, a plane that looks good for cargo can actually be really poor. One of the easiest solutions to this would be a new column in the new aircraft list screen which would show this information.
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Offline Tha_Ape

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Re: [ok] Cargo Volume - Add to New Aircraft Available Page
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2018, 03:42:05 PM »

That was a fast implementation :)


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