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Author Topic: [-] Seat configuration overhaul  (Read 404 times)

Offline Alpha

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[-] Seat configuration overhaul
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:10:10 PM »
Currently the system pre-set a default configuration which often is not realistic and changing part of the cabin would mean buying all new seats instead of re-using the existing ones, incurring a lot more money that it should be. I wonder if it is possible to overhaul the seat configuration system such that we can customise our fleets at a lower costs.

Firstly, the total cost of installing the default configuration (e.g. 579,600 for 126x standard econ seats on a 737-700) would be deducted from the aircraft price (for new and second hand planes), and players would have to define a configuration when they lease / purchase aircraft, and the costs of installing their configuration will be added to the delivery cost.

Secondly, when changing configurations, instead of throwing away all the old seats and purchase brand new seats for the entire plane, only the purchase price for the seats that was not previously available (e.g. if i want to change from a 120x econ on a 737-700 to 126x, I only pay 6x econ seats) is to be payable. (Perhaps in order to prevent players from changing seat configs too often, a 'labour cost' which would be proportional to the cabin area of the plane can be introduced)

Thirdly, while i understand that one of the purpose of having a 'default seating plan' is to determine the payload, and therefore range to be shown on the 'new aircraft' page, perhaps we can simply have '3400nm @ 126 pax' instead of '3400nm @ default seating plan'?
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