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Author Topic: [-] Re-allow aircraft with expired D-Checks on the used market  (Read 425 times)

Offline knobbygb

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Many will know that historically, the market had a glut of aircraft with expired D-Checks and this was stopped - mainly to prevent inexperienced players from accidentally buying 'bad' aircraft (and also to tidy up the list of course). The used market was habitually used to park old aircraft for fleet commonality purposes.

Now that fleet commonality is only affected by scheduled aircraft (and with the implementation of aircraft storage) and now that freighter conversions are a 'thing', it makes sense to have access to those old aircraft again, particularly for conversion to freighters or for re-engineing (DC-8-60 to -70 for example).

As an example, in GW1, there are currently around 1500 used DC-8-60 series aircraft listed as "Sale & Storage" on the fleet information screen and yet only around 90 of these are actually on the used market. They would be perfect for -70 and/or freighter conversion but we are unable to access any of them, probably because most have expired D-Checks.  These checks are a non-issue now that conversions are available, because D-Check is mandatory in that scenario.

Would it be possible to make these available somehow? I think the easiest way would be to have a checkbox on the used aircraft screen which could make these "bad" aircraft invisible by default, but allow them to be seen by those who wish to.

These aircraft would be MUCH cheaper than the options currently available (probably little more than scrap value) and would boost the viability of operating old cargo aircraft, making this area of the game more true to real-life.
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Offline Tha_Ape

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Re: Re-allow aircraft with expired D-Checks on the used market.
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2018, 07:20:44 AM »
Cheap, yes. But barely above scrap value, no. Because only airlines with good funds already (perform a D-check or conversion on a plane is not used by young airlines) would access a pool of aircrafts cheaper than the young airlines would have access to.

Otherwise, I plainly agree.

However, as for the conversion, it should be paired with the ability to convert a plane at the time we buy them on the UM -> already asked for,75535.0.html
Otherwise it would result in D-check + conversion including D-check (150+ days of unavailability)

Offline Sami

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Re: Re-allow aircraft with expired D-Checks on the used market.
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2018, 05:39:08 PM »
Market rules will be kept as they are, C/D must be valid. Since I do not see it as an issue that players would not sell their aircraft due to this.. For example of the 1000 DC-8-63s in storage in GW#1 only 3 are stored by players, rest are with AI brokers.

(The AI brokers will auto-generate the C/D checks before they are put to market from their storage anyway, so it is not an issue)
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