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Author Topic: [-] Convert airplanes to different available MTOWs and such  (Read 589 times)

Offline wilian.souza2

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[-] Convert airplanes to different available MTOWs and such
« on: January 27, 2018, 01:24:36 PM »
The possibility to convert aircraft already exists, but one thing I don't understand is why it isn't possible to convert aircraft to a different MTOW or a different engine available for that production model yet? I'm talking about the possibility to convert a 737-200 to a 737-200Adv, or to convert a 727-100 or 200 Adv to a different MTOW, or to install Pratt and Whitney engines on a 767 that came originally with a CF6 engine, for example.

The reason for that is that conversions like this are very common in real life, according to some research I've been done (like this one and this one). Other reason is that the modern eras of the game are plagued with models with tens of MTOW variants and engines, which makes it so difficult to pick models from the Used Market that share the same specs that many players may give up and opt to order new. I think if convertions like this were possible, we would see smaller order backlogs!
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Online MikeS

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Re: Convert airplanes to different available MTOWs and such
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2018, 02:45:51 PM »
I agree that all the different versions make the UM difficult but it reflects real life very well. Conversions are not that common actually. Airlines even struggle
with the thought of re configuring the cabins (galley & lavatory positions/numbers/sizes) of used aircraft. I have seen the wildest cabin configurations just in
order to come to the same number of seats per class without changing the above mentioned fixed items (lavatories, galleys...).
Engine Changes are extremely rare (some can be upgraded to a newer version by exchanging some internal parts) but most would be too expensive to be viable.
Changes to MTOW are possible to some aircraft through as little as software upgrades, but most would need strengthened structures and more powerful engines.
I doubt though that the developers would want to go into such detail.

Our main problem is the different engine types on widebody aircraft and I can't think of any modern day airline that has done an engine change for commonality.
Widebody engines are very expensive and most aircraft would need pylon modifications as well. I think only the 787 was designed to have a common pylon/interface for the sake of easier engine change.


Offline WalnutWhip

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Re: Convert airplanes to different available MTOWs and such
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2018, 11:33:56 AM »
Appreciate and agree with nearly everything you've said MikeS, however I know for a fact that in many airlines (esp Europe) it is a VERY common practice to certify an aircraft at a lower MTOW than the aircraft can actually withstand in order to save costs on insurance, landing fees, handling fees and I believe even en-route navigation charges are based on MTOW too. Often these lower MTOW aircraft are actually identical to one certified as higher but the airline is restricting itself to save various other costs.

I know the game doesn't simulate all of this to a great extent but actually it does make a lot of sense at least to be able to re-certify the MTOW if you needed a higher range/capacity etc. since all you would really be changing in many cases is paperwork. I 100% agree with you though that its very rare to ever see an airline swap engines or do more in depth aircraft configuration changes. I can also see the benefits of being able to pick up more aircraft from the UM in terms of reducing the production lists for some models.....


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