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Author Topic: [-] Eliminate "Newly Found Airline Discount" aka Gamestart Fairness part 3  (Read 330 times)

Offline JumboShrimp

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Late starting airline gets 2 benefits, that are multiplicative:

1. - Extra cash
2. - Newly Found Airline Discount on slots.

A new airline is able to purchase slots at 1/5 of an existing airline, meaning $1m translates to $5m in slots, $5m turns into $25m in slots

From observation, a new airline found
- 6 months into the game is able to buy more slots than average Day 1 airline at the same airport

- 12 months into the game is able to buy more slots than average Day 1 airline at the same airport

Additional problems:
1. Multiplicative effect encourages slot hoarding.  Leasing more expensive, more capable aircraft does not receive this 5x multiplier
2. Lack of transparence: If slots go into the balance sheet at 1/5th of the true value, balance sheet no longer reflects reality
3. Utter frustration at unfairness as seen by Day 1 airlines who watch their airline hour by hour, trying to acquire a single slot and next minute a newly found airline buys 100 at once.

Increase start up cash to Day 1 airlines and late starting airlines, to compensate for removal of "Newly Found Discount Airline"

Overall goal is: the cost of the same slot, when tested by every airline in the game (from HQ and out) will be the same.  (The only exception would be the anti-monopoly surcharge).
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