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Author Topic: Feature request "Copy schedule, +1 day"  (Read 189 times)

Offline qunow

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Feature request "Copy schedule, +1 day"
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:28:23 PM »
Note: This feature could greatly accelerate the speed and simplify the process of creation of the so-called "7-days scheduling", and also possibly remove the pain of buying slots in the process depending on implementaton.

1. Add a button to aircraft information page, as well as route scheduling page. Possibly use an icon that is conceptually similar to this. (The image itself is made as a derivative of which is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported with original source glyph also licensed under SIL OpenFont license. The additional text on the image was made with the font Liberation Sans which is also licensed under SIL OpenFont license)
2. The interface could be similar to the "Move route" panel, but only display aircrafts that are in the same fleet group for simplicity. It can provide radio button for user to select any of the aircraft without schedule that are within same fleet group within same base.{*}
3. Two additional checkboxes can be attached to the Interface, first could be "Acquire slot for additional flight", which would buy slot for additional flight if checked, or leave new routes without slot when unchecked. The checkbox should be checked by default. And the second checkbox could be "Use same flight number as original". Automatically assign same flight number to flight at the other daywhen checked, and automatically assign new flight number if unchecked.
4. Everything in the aircraft schedule, including routes, turnaround time within each flight, departure time for each flight, A-check and B-check time, should remain the same in the copid flight, with the only exception being weekday of the new aircraft schedule would be flown 1-day later than original flight.
{*}: The panel could look like this:

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