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Author Topic: [-] Long term proposal:New size class: helicopter, amphibious aircraft, seaplane  (Read 374 times)

Offline qunow

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  • Posts: 738
The idea is that by controlling the "allowed aircraft types in airport" classification, airports that only support seaplanes as well as landing pad that only support helicopters can be added into the game and non-amphibious seaplanes can also be shielded from land airport.
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Offline Fisher970

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  • Posts: 692
To build off this, I like the idea of a flying boat gameworld just like the old days. Do a small gameworld limited to 100-150 players. No country restrictions.

Offline gazzz0x2z

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  • Posts: 4624
helicopters won't fit, it's really another economical model. Seaplanes are far more interesting - but only in the very early years. Is it worth the effort?

Offline [SC] - King Kong

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  • Posts: 754
Might be worth the effort in pacific countries/maldives/etc

Offline Sami

  • Administrator
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  • Posts: 17388
    • AirwaySim - Are you the next Richard Branson?
The system's background calculations really do not support these as it's a total different business type (= mostly bush flying sort of thigns?)..

With the exception of those few scheduled seaplane services in the islands, but that is easily modelled with current system too if desired, like suggested.

Offline qunow

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  • Posts: 738
- In the first phase, I think it would be good enough to model after only those inter-island flying with fixed and labelled seaplane airport or seaplane bases or helipad, or flying into remote places.
- In even further away future maybe the city based demand system can be used to enable players flying into places without actual landing facilities?

Offline gazzz0x2z

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  • Posts: 4624
What I was thinking about was just to add a "seaplanes can land in this airport" checkbox. Marseille, Montpellier, to name cities next to my home, are airports next to lakes, and seaplane operations are obviously possible from there. And an airplane could have "seaplane landing" checkbox as well - and maybe even a "can't land on ground" checkbox(with a 0m landing requirement, or a 9999m, or whatever makes the job according to the database structure I do not know).

Then you add seaplanes, with or without ground landing capabilities, and players do adjust.


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