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Author Topic: [-] Arrival and depature boards at airports - sorted by time  (Read 507 times)

Offline Delta

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[-] Arrival and depature boards at airports - sorted by time
« on: August 19, 2017, 11:32:07 AM »
It's always nice when one arrives at an airport (at least, a big one) to have a look at the big departure board (sorted by expected take off time) in the departure hall. Part of the magic of modern aviation I must say.

I am aware that this feature has been requested at least four times in the past:,23571.0.html,46139.0.html,50660.0.html,70690.0.html

But, quoting Andre090904 from the latest thread:
So I have clicked on that link provided by Sami...then I found another thread with the same topic, went to the last entry...a link by Sami. OK then. Clicked on it. Again another link by Sami. I think I ended up here again. Nice never-ending story he did there. Is he trolling us?

Same here, buddy. People's reactions to these requests were either "So cool! +1" or "Useless!". Well, both may be right, but who said it had to be useful? However, no one has bothered to tell why it's cool so here's a try. I hope it will help to get it implemented.

I'm quite sure that real world airport timetables, along with other things like pretty flight attendants, FREE soda in-flight, nice aircraft liveries, and above all the marvellous sensation of flying and the first visit to flight deck, are what make fascinated kids we were into aviation geeks/professionals we are today. Now, a timetable is probably the easiest of theses little things to implement. -end of the try-

How I see it: An "Airport departures" link in the "Airport information" page, next to the "Airport route map", "Airport destinations and timetables" and "Airport slots" links. Open it and you get a page that looks like the "Airport destinations and timetables" page except that entries are sorted by time instead of destination. Also have the drop-down menu to see the route of all airlines or only of a particular one.

For example, this "Airport destinations and timetables" page would translate into a "airport departures (and arrivals)" page roughly like that:

To go further (and get closer to real world), let's display next to the destination:
1/ Its delay/cancellation (if any; or a status like "gate closed", "on time", "gate open", "boarding", "final call", "departed" etc.) for this day and time (see the Post-Scriptum);
2/ A fictitious departure terminal and gate, but maybe that's going too far.

More or less the same could be done for Airport arrivals, though it is less desirable IMO. Or combine the two to have an "Airport departures and arrivals" page, with perhaps a drop-down menu to select departures or arrivals (with departures as default value), or both on the same page as in the photoshopped image above.

Now, one thing could be boring/disgraceful (as it is in the "Airport destinations and timetables" btw) : routes that are 7-day scheduled but have a different route number and sometimes even a different departure time. A solution might be to display only the departures of a certain day of the week, be it a fixed day (say, Monday, or any other day) or the in-game day at the time the page is requested, or (my favourite solution) a day chosen by the user with the help of a drop-down menu (with e.g. Monday as the default value).

So what do you people think about that, and how can the idea be improved? If you think too it's a cool feature, it's time to (like this post and) share your thoughts so that Sami can't ignore it.

In particular, let's discuss what information should be included: are airline names and aircraft equipment necessary? What about the "status"?


PS: And what about this discusion (from the oldest thread):

- Question from Riddle Me This on July 27, 2010, 06:19:57 PM
Don't we have this already under the destination tab? Or do you mean something that it matches the game time to the flight time and the time is always changing?

- Reply from heja_bjorn on July 28, 2010, 01:22:01 AM
Yes, matching game time and always changing. The destination tab we have today is quite uninteractive and boring to look at.

IMO, however, this is not desirable as time is so fast in the game. The timetable would change too quickly and also would be more difficult to implement, I guess.Let's discuss this too.
« Last Edit: August 19, 2017, 12:20:34 PM by Sami »

Offline Sami

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Re: Arrival and depature boards at airports - sorted by time
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2017, 12:20:21 PM »
Same topic already exists - this is closed (duplicate)

Offline Delta

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Re: [-] Arrival and depature boards at airports - sorted by time
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2017, 09:25:01 PM »
Ok, I had not seen that the oldest thread was still open. Let's continue the discussion there, then:,23571.0.html


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