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Author Topic: Failing demand and names in eastern block of Europe before 1992  (Read 245 times)

Offline Toblerone

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Failing demand and names in eastern block of Europe before 1992
« on: October 17, 2016, 11:34:10 PM »
There are some failing geographic names and numbers of travel demand at airports and routes in eastern Europe. These routes from GDR were in real life highly operated by medium, large or very large aircrafts (TU-134A, IL-18, IL-62 and A310) but in all games these routes have very small or non demand. This is especially weird on routs to some large cities within the eastern block.

Demand in () 1983 and aircraft type operated on the route before german reunification in 1990:
Schönefeld-Khartoum (25). Operated with IL 62 and IL-18.
Schönefeld-Lungi (5). Operated with IL 62 and IL-18.
Schönefeld-Conakry (7). Operated with IL 62 and IL-18.
Schönefeld-Beijing (47). Operated with A310.
Schönefeld-Belade (22). Operated with TU 134A.
Schönefeld-Burgas (22). Operated with IL-62.
Schönefeld-Bratislava (17). Operated with TU 134A.
Schönefeld-Bucharest OTP (20). Operated with IL-62 and TU 134A.
Schönefeld-Casablanca (45). Operated with TU-154M.
Schönefeld-Damascus (45). Operated with IL-62M.
Schönefeld-Zvartnots (0). Operated with TU-154M.
Schönefeld-Hanoi (7). Operated with IL-62M.
Schönefeld-Havana (10). Operated with A310 and IL-62M.
Schönefeld-Kiev KBP (0). Operated with IL-62.
Schönefeld-Larnaca (44). Operated with A310 and IL-62.
Schönefeld-Leningrad Pulkovo (0). Operated with IL-62. (The airport is wrongly named as Saint Petersburg before 1992)
Schönefeld-Malta (25). Operated with IL-62.
Schönefeld-Maputo (7). Operated with DC-10.
Schönefeld-Minsk (0). Operated with TU-134A and TU-154M.
Schönefeld-Monastir (42). Operated with A310.
Schönefeld- Moscow Shermetyevo (100). Operated daily with IL-62 and TU-134A. Some days even another IL-62 and a TU-154M.
Schönefeld-Pathos (22). Operated with A310.
Schönefeld-Pyongyang (0). Operated with IL-62M.
Schönefeld-Simferopol (0). Operated with TU-154M.
Schönefeld-Sochi (0). Operated with TU-154M.
Schönefeld-Sofia (20). Operated with TU-134A and IL-62.
Schönefeld-Tashkent (0). Operated with IL-62.
Schönefeld-Tatry (3). Operated with TU-134A and IL-18.
Schönefeld-Tbilisi (0). Operated with TU-154M.
Schönefeld-Tripoli (21). Operated with IL-62M.
Schönefeld-Tunis (30). Operated with IL-62.
Schönefeld-Varna (18). Operated with IL-62.
Schönefeld-Vilnius (0). Operated with TU-134A.
Schönefeld-Zagreb (20). Operated with TU-134A.
Dresden-Burgas (15). Operated with IL-62.
Dresden-Tatry (4). Operated with TU-134A and IL-18.
Dresden-Varna (13). Operated with IL-62.
Dresden-Vilnius (0). Operated with TU-134.
Erfurt-Budapest (22). Operated with IL-18..
Erfurt-Varna (9). Operated with IL-18.
Leipzig-Leningrad Pulkovo (0). Operated with TU-154M. (The airport is wrongly named as Saint Petersburg before 1992)
Leipzig-Minsk (0). Operated with TU-134A.

The once with 0 in demand are seriously wrong. The once with some demand where in real life often serviced some times per week. This mean that the demand should be concentrated on some days. If that does not work it would be better to raise the demand on all week days.



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