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Author Topic: Slots removing themselves for no reason  (Read 204 times)

Online schro

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Slots removing themselves for no reason
« on: June 27, 2016, 02:56:42 AM »
So, this one will be fairly difficult to replicate and will probably get slapped with a trout for simply that reason, so here's what I've got going in GW1.

About 1 game year ago, I did a whole bunch of rescheduling of DC6 props to DC8s (and probably 727s), utilizing the edit route functionality in many cases. In other cases, I closed routes, kept slots, then reused them on a re-opened version of the route.  Due to all the shuffling of the titanic's deck chairs, it was expected for me to lose a number of inactive slots (i.e. I was keeping the SIN slots but dumping the destination slots in many cases), thus, I didn't really pay much attention to the slot loss warnings in my inbox. The other thing I was doing was compressing DC6 flying from the holes that were begin opened in the schedule.

So, the above has been long forgot about. I did another scheduling bender a few hours ago to continue to remove the DC6's (put them all on 727 schedules today), and then to clean up, I checked my notification view and found 4 routes that were assigned to planes yet did not have any slots. I was able to rebuy slots for all but flight 411, and I also noted that these flights were assigned to planes (thus, no reason they should not fly/use the slots).

So this got me thinking - wtf could have gone wrong that routes that were assigned to planes long ago had lost slots? I went digging into my messages and found evidence that even at the time of the slot warning/loss that the slots had routes assigned to them, pointing back to the planes that they were assigned to. Additionally, this could not have been C check related because the planes in question for these routes are still under 1 year old...

Impacted Flight are 397, 399, 411 and 421.

I'm sure this could be PEBCAK, but there's too much evidence pointing that something went horribly wrong....

Offline Sami

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Re: Slots removing themselves for no reason
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2016, 11:43:11 AM »
Seen an isolated case where route had no slots but was still being happily flown. The problem in that case was somewhere in the route editor (= editing the route made the slot disappear at the saving process, while it shouldn't have, and naturally the other parts of the database still thought the slot existed (hence route being flown and no warnings at all) - and the only way you could see that was to open the route editor again and see that slot prices were again charged if you were to save the route). Have seen it only like twice and back then couldn't figure it out (but I included a secondary level checker for it then).


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