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Author Topic: Alliances.... what are they all about?  (Read 287 times)

Offline Joshua Jordan

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Alliances.... what are they all about?
« on: June 09, 2016, 12:20:58 PM »
Alliances are HOT

Join The Modern Alliance!

Alliances...what are they?
Alliances in AirwaySim may differ a from real alliances out there in the big bad real world, but in our safe little AirwaySim world the main focus of alliances is the community-building and enhanced player experience. In other words being an alliance member will give you some benefits to your airline - increased passengers and revenue,  but the bigger gains are in our alliance forums that come from co-operation possibilities between other users.   Sometimes the old adage is true, the more you put in, the more you get out, and you'll feel like that with alliances, you'll get more out in terms of advice, assistance, cooperation and camaraderie than if you don't join in the first place.   

The manual states that each alliance has its own private forum for each game world. This forum can be used by the member to discuss strategies, co-operation possibilities and give out help and tips for other alliance members.  Whilst I don't know about other alliances, but The Modern Alliance have active and very supportive and informative forums in all game worlds. We play fair, if you play fair too then you'll very much enjoy being part of a friendly, supportive and cooperative alliance.

Joining an Alliance is easy... There are two ways an airline can join existing alliances: by applying himself from the alliance information page or by invitation.  Sometimes Alliances will invite airlines to join them, often if you airline is in an area that is underrepresented by the alliance.  You then have up to a year to say yes or no to that invite.   Think about it, check out the alliance and decide.  If you don't respond to the invite, the place is left open for you until the invite expires after a year.  Alliances cannot cancel or withdraw an invitation once it has been issued.

If you apply to an alliance,  they will look at your airline and providing you met their criteria and requirements they'll let you in or send you a rejection. Some alliances will respond rapidly, others will be more considered and others may seem a little slow.  However, you can withdraw your application at any time 

It costs a lot to join an alliance? No not really,  unless you are starting your own alliance or becoming a founding member there is no joining fee to join an alliance,  however you will start to pay the alliance's membership fee which covers the alliance's management costs such as offices, marketing, staff etc.   (Oh and in case you were wondering - the founders.managers of an alliance do not see that money at all, they have to pay the same membership fee and then money goes back into the game)

So come and check out the alliances,   its simple, its easy and being a member has many benefits. Whilst I'm biased, I'm with The Modern Alliance, there are other alliances available and they all have the benefits of increasing your passenger numbers and your revenues a little. Individually they may offer other benefits, which you should take into consideration when making a decision.   

For more on The Modern Alliance follow this link.

For more information on all alliances follow this link



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