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Author Topic: Cargo? Wow!  (Read 513 times)

Offline sergio

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Cargo? Wow!
« on: June 07, 2016, 09:32:39 AM »
Hello, I havent been here for a long time - game is addictive )))
If I am not mistaken I registered on this site, when it still was airwaysim.ORG, before the game launched, still was under development.
Cargo was a long waited and asked feture, at least from one playuer - ME! ))))

In Real life I go in for port and shipping management, and so my question is:

Shipping can be divided by commodites for sure, but cargo is diviede as Liner Shipping and Tramp Shipping.

Liners tend to eat Tramps. Line companies are not about ships, they are about lines: there can be several ships per line, and there must be liner agents (working for cheap) - for cargo in, cargo out, etc. it is cointainers of course. For client- he doeasn not know, if hos goods were shippied by ship, truck, airplane, or goddamed Space Shuttle.
Aslo - you just cont get in liner shipping, nly as cheap labour force. These guys deal with goverments, with a hint of corruption and personal relations. No friends in goverment - you are free))). So chances to be a businessman are more in Tramp Shipping.
And Liners tend to speak of themsleves as the only ones out in the sea. (yeah, dont watch CNN and modern Discovery Channel!) this is just not true! )))

Tramps shipping is like taxi - they wait a bit, then fix cargo from Italy to North Africa under SYNACOMEX Charter, From Alger they take Metal Scrap to Mo I Rana in Norawy under Gencon charter, then wait a bit, ballast to UK, take barley from Southampton to Spain Mediterranean. Or they ballast to Bothnica and take Finalnd Round Wood somewehere to Africa, because chartering finland wood up untill Brest, Frnace, is taken by Meriaura (First Class Shipowner!). And client must know what ship can be chartered, no older that 20 years old for grain for example, or if it traded Israel - he wont work with Africa or middle East anuy more (yeah, that Maersk and MSC dont go as much to Middle East, or that Cruise ships dont offer visits there, doesnt not automatilcally mean that there live zombies in the wasteland, and only al qaeda, or whatever terrorists appear today.
Iran imports heavy Machinery, as Project Cargo, Syria exports tobacco (just imagine, ship load of tobacco, 5000 tonner!), they ship Camels and Sheep by smelly Cattle Carriers aka Ro-Ro aka Wa-Wa). Actually Tramp Shipping is like biggest casino in the world )))

So in Real Life in Airplane business - is there only liner traffic, or does chartering on flight to fligh basis also take place? (I understand there is no line for AN-225)
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