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Author Topic: [-] Employee Pay  (Read 212 times)

Offline kberry

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[-] Employee Pay
« on: May 08, 2016, 10:26:36 PM »
I was taking a look at the payroll for my airline and noticed it's quite a bit higher than what would realistically be "normal" in the airline world. For example, I took this screenshot of my Pilot and Cabin Crew numbers:

A little bit of math brings me to the following annual salaries for my airline's employees as of the current game world's timeframe (January 2015):

Pilot (Small) 103343
Pilot (Medium) 149693
Pilot (Large) 271234
Pilot (Very Large) 333034
Cabin Crew 91237

Now I understand that there are some pilot jobs out there that pay VERY well but I'd be hard pressed to find a pilot job that pays 103k/year flying a B1900 or PC12. Nor can I think of anywhere you'd find a pilot making 149k to fly a Q400 (aside from VERY senior check airmen or management pilots). Looking at the overseas market (primarily in China) I MIGHT be able to find some experienced expat pilots making 271k flying an A330 or B777 but surely not flying a "Large" category aircraft like a B737 or A320. In reality pilots make alot less than the above numbers. U.S. legacy carriers pay their experienced pilots (10 years) on average 140k-170k to fly mostly what would be considered "Large" or "Very Large" category aircraft in AWS. The Regionals like Skywest start pilots off in the 18-25k per year range and go up with experience to low-end six figure numbers. And my sister (who has been a flight attendant with DAL for about 10 years) tells me that 91k per year is probably about the very top end of the pay scale. Doing a bit of research it looks like 45k-78k is the average annual salary for an FA.

So... in short after all of the above I think it may be time to look closer at the salaries. While I understand that this is a game and I certainly don't expect everything dead-on accurate I do think the numbers we currently have are considerably higher than what we're trying to simulate here (the airline industry).
***EDIT*** I forgot to point out... I haven't even looked at the other salaries (ground crew, technical, customer service etc). They may or may not be off as well.
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Offline Sami

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Re: Employee Pay
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2016, 10:41:02 PM »
The total salaries field include all mandatory payments made by the employer, like pensions and social security fees. In real life they differ from country to another but here's it's about +30% if I remember right. Says also that in the bottom of the table: "Total salary expenses include 20-40% of mandatory employer social fees which are added to basic salary. "

So the total salary mass is not what is paid to the staff (you need to scroll down for the second section to view the actual salaries, for example VLA pilot salary's suggested level for USA / 2015 is $15k/month that is $180k/year, which is rather normal).

The monthly salary levels are country specific, so Norway has higher wages than Nigeria, and so forth.

Salary levels are modelled after real airline data (but of course simplified since we are for example grouping CDR's and FO's to the same salary mass) and this is not a bug.
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Offline kberry

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Re: [-] Employee Pay
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2016, 11:14:55 PM »
Sami, I assume you're able to look at my numbers. My payroll is set to automatically hire/raise pay and has been since the beginning of the Game World. Looking at the lower before-tax/fees numbers my current Very Large pilot pay is 19400/month (232k/year). Large is 15800/month (189.6k/year). Medium is 8720/month (104.6k/year) None of which are realistic average salaries for a US-based carrier ESPECIALLY if we're averaging Captain and FO pay together (FO pay is generally about 60% of Captain pay). Small category shows 6020/month (72.2k/year) which is theoretically possible in the US corporate aviation sector (i.e. business jets operated by individuals and non-aviation corporations) but quite high for a regional or commuter airline (who would be realistically operating aircraft of that size).

I've learned in the past that if I were to manually lower the pay my airline's reputation will take a significant hit. I've also learned that if I don't leave the automatic pay raises on eventually I'll get a message that I need to pay folks more or risk lowering my airline's reputation as well. It doesn't make sense. Maybe the automatic raises are set to be too much (or too often)?

Offline schro

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Re: [-] Employee Pay
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2016, 12:01:09 AM »
The point that sami is making is to not focus on the individual amounts for each staffing group as the target is to get the overall employee expense in line with the real world at a given point in time (and adjusted for country differences). The details that roll up to that particular line item aren't necessarily compared to real world numbers as some adjusting has to occur to make the bigger picture work. So while they may have somewhat of a basis in realisim, staffing numbers and pay amount for staff are very much simulated....

Threads like these that complain about either quantity of staff or rate of pay per staff not matching someone's idea of the "real world" pop up on a fairly regular basis... perhaps it's time to put this in the manual if it isn't already...


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