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Author Topic: [ok] Identical Aircraft Have Different Maximum Ranges  (Read 165 times)


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[ok] Identical Aircraft Have Different Maximum Ranges
« on: January 21, 2016, 06:15:03 AM »
I posted about this in the general forum changelog thread yesterday, but it appears that the max range on the A332 decreased between my first and second order. I now have two aircraft in my fleet that are identical, but have different ranges. The only thing that I could think of is that it is either a minor bug, or the design of the aircraft was tweaked in the real-world in 2007 and the game is reflecting that. I'm placing my original posts and attachments below, as well as a new attachment which shows the difference in ranges for aircraft in my fleet. Any idea why this might have happened? Thanks! :)

Original Posts

Was the range on the A330-200 with the GE engines changed in the past 24hrs? I have two aircraft on order and one currently in my fleet with the +3tn CF6 engines, and the advertised range when ordering this variant was 6900nm (6940nm with my seating config), and that was lowered to 6840nm when I went to order two more +3tn variants. The current a330-200 in my fleet still shows a range of 6940nm, but the two I have on order (placed before the change) now show only 6890nm with the same seating config and the same +3tn MTOW. This brings the range of those aircraft very close to that of which I am running them on (route is 6885nm :o). Were any changes made in the past 24hrs?

If you take a look at the attachments, the airplane I currently fly has the same seating config as the ones on order, and is the same MTOW variant with the same engines, but the range has decreased for the ones on order versus the one I fly. 

For reference, I've also attached the order page specifications to show that the range listed in the "aircraft on order" page takes into account the seating arrangement. Somehow, I think the +3tn went from 6900nm to 6840nm default overnight.
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I wonder if this coincides with the new A330 models being added into the database?  ???
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There was a small change in the settings due to cargo updates, all data is updated now.


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