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Author Topic: Accounting System!  (Read 620 times)

Offline Jazza

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Accounting System!
« on: January 06, 2016, 11:14:55 AM »
Hi there all,

Once again, I have to bring up the Accounting System!

We run a fleet of 400+ a/c, have 5 types in operation. 3 years into a fleet upgrade! Have 16 Nord 262's too replace with EMB-120's (now on the flightline)

We're running profitable until mid 95, had $100m+ in reserves! Early 97, $25m!

I've tried to figure out what happened financially back in 95, (was making $5m a week, early 97 now loosing between $5m & $8m+ Climbing a week)

Still have good LF, have increased prices accordingly! Yes (have run into the D-check phase).

But if this is the case, (This D-Check Phase) and or something else I can't see in the Balance sheets. I should be able too look back, and at least figure out, whats going where (in terms of when we were making $2-3m a week, as to loosing $3 to $8m+ per week, an Growing)

No Airline runs operations on 'One Account'! There would be No airlines, or any business if that was the case!

My example of that is, If my reason for a -7.15%pf.m, was D-Checks! Then I'd put $$$ away for Checks!
Its would not be a disadvantage to other players, to have 3 Bank Accounts. The systems are in place???

"Operations, Maintainance, Commercial Line of Credit - "On Credit rating". (But not, on the Current Loan Scheme) (Can have as many accounts as ya like, for )

Just an Idea, too help me see where its all going wrong real quick! I've paid money, to not readily figure out where things are going wrong.

This is the best Airline Sim out there. I hope I don't have to Let it all go!

Offline schro

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Re: Accounting System!
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2016, 12:45:58 PM »
Well, fuel has gone up about 30% in the past game year, so that's probably what swung you from a profit to a loss. Also, 5 fleet types at 400 planes is like tying an anvil to your ankle and then going for a swim in the middle of the ocean....

Click the graph icon next to your fuel line item on the income statement.

Offline gazzz0x2z

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Re: Accounting System!
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2016, 04:09:30 PM »
3 Bank accounts are not going to give you a more accurate vision of the situation. I find the current presentation clear. Follow the lines, check the income, check the expenses, and see where you're losing money. Each line in the operating expenses graph is important, and has something to teach you.

Excessive staff salaries : you don't use your planes enough. Aim for 17 hours usage for long haul, at least 12 hours for small planes.
Excessive staff training : you've got too many fleet types(a slow, efficient, deadly killer, the bigger you grow, the more dangerous it is)
Excessive fuel costs : bad fleet choice. TU154 are not recommended in the 2020s.....
Excessive aircraft maintenance : time to order younger planes.
Excessive Aircraft leases : stop leasing brand new popular planes(not easy to balance with the previous one).
Excessive Aircraft insurance : uh, maybe not that one.
Excessive Aircraft parking : don't aim for the 200 parked planes achievement before building a strong company.
Excessive ***fees : Heathrow is a costly airport to fly in. Increase your prices of routes to there.
Excessive Depreciation : don't buy or lease overpriced used planes.
Excessive marketing : well, reduce marketing expenses, plain simple.
Excessive office rent : don't open too many bases too quickly.
Excessive fines : anything above 0 is proof of neglect. Baaaaaaaaad.
Excessive Alliance fees. Can't happen, they are capped.

I'm not in that GW, so I cannot be sure Schro is right, but his diagnostic is valid for thousands of bankrupcies, so I tend to believe him. And I gave you elements to check additional possibilities of excessive expenses.

Offline Andre

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Re: Accounting System!
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2016, 08:22:06 PM »
I'm guessing what happened back in 95 is that you started your fleet swap. That more than doubled your fleet commonality costs when you exceeded 3 types.


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