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Author Topic: Just stopping by to say "Hello"  (Read 561 times)


  • Former member
Just stopping by to say "Hello"
« on: May 29, 2008, 03:30:27 PM »
and looking forward to this game a lot.. I want to thank everyone involved in creating this game for their hard work and time spent on a really cool idea. I look forward to creating a good airlines and then trying to run it hehe... its all good.
I really like the features I see going into the game.. the more realistic details, the better in my opinions.. and the more number of options available to the player is key. Customization is always the most requested option of ANY game player and so it should be with Airwaysim.. everything you all have done looks so good and I am most impressed!

My own stats:

Roleplaying game/tabletop game player and gamemaster- 30 years (including Gamma World, Boot Hill, D&D of course, and a ton of other titles mostly from Whitewolf)
Computer game player- 20 years (best games- Civilization 4 and all previous versions, SimCity Societies and all Sim City Versions, Railroad Tycoon all titles, and many more to numerous to mention)
MMOs- 8 years (Beta tester- Horizons (Now Istaria), Mu Online, Guild Wars, Dungeons and Dragons Online, City of Heroes) Currently playing (and will always) City of Heroes/City of Villains

Proud Freemason and Shriner
Proud Progressive Liberal Democrat
Proud Advocate for People with Disabilities (Shameless Agitator is my nickname)

Good to meet you all and cant wait for the game!  ;D :laugh: :) 8)


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