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Author Topic: [ok] Too many bases is too many problems  (Read 161 times)

Offline schro

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[ok] Too many bases is too many problems
« on: September 16, 2015, 01:44:03 PM »
So, one of my small regional airlines has 5 bases (in GW2) and I'm having trouble with the menu system behaving itself. Specifically, on the dropdown menus where you have to click "Expand Base List", this causes the currently open page to switch back to its root tab. Let's reproduce it!

1. Acquire an airline with at least 5 bases.
2. On the Dashboard page, navigate to a tab that isn't the Airline Overview. How about, World News.
3. Mouse up to the Aircraft or Routes menu, and click on one of the "Expand Base List" selections.
4. Observe the Dashboard screen reselect "Airline Overview" for you automagically.
5. ....
6. Profit

Let's repeat it again:
1. Visit an airline information page
2. Follow steps above
3. ....
4. Profit

Now, to editorialize this a bit, ever since the "Expand Base List" functionality was added, I have found it to be a royal pain in the something I can't say in the forums. I'd like the option just to ALWAYS list all bases in the menus as it makes it really cumbersome to have to expand that silly list every single silly time.
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