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Author Topic: AirwaySim Changelog  (Read 41260 times)

Offline Sami

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Re: AirwaySim Changelog
« Reply #120 on: June 09, 2019, 09:25:48 AM »
Airport slot system updated

  • The system on how airport slot numbers grow has been totally updated. Basis of the update was previewed earlier here.

  • The airport Infrastructure Level is now the basis of all slot numbers. Amount of slots grow only when the infrastructure level grows by airport expansion (apart from game's first years / start-up phase).

  • Airport at infra level 10 has 100 slots/hr while airport at level 1 has 10 slots/hr, and growth between these levels is linear. In other words airport at level 5 has 50 slots/hr. These can be changed by a global modifier in game's settings (i.e game has slots setting at "+50%" globally, and then level 5 airports have 75 slots/hr).

  • New slots will appear only when the aiport expansion project has been completed. All of them are available at the day of completion of the expansion.

  • If the airport is slot-limited, the completion of expansion project will trigger a slot-quota mechanism at that airport. Details and further explanation of this mechanism can be found further down this post.

  • Game launch phase and first years will differ from this basic mechanism. At game start all airport slots are at 40% level and will grow to 100% during the first 1 - 1.5 game years (depending on airport and randomization interval). During this time the slots are made available at random intervals (like currently already).

  • The whole code base on how airport slots are handled during route creation and scheduling has been updated. Functionality and features remain the same, the code has been just reformatted/rewritten since it was very old.

  • Calculation of airport slot costs has been also rewritten and made a bit more simple, with also changes on how costs are factored during game world start (to slow down initial rate of expansion).

  • Added basic technical support for airport curfews that are not on the hour (i.e. "2230-0545").

  • The error messages in route editor for airport curfew errors are improved.

The new slot system is effective in all game worlds.

Slot quotas explained

Additional information about the quota system, to avoid confusions and misunderstandings. The manual will be also updated soon.
  • With the updated slot features we are bringing in the "slot quota" feature into more visible use.

  • This feature has been part of AirwaySim for many years and is nothing new really. Previously it has been only triggered when an airline bankrupts or closes down many routes at an slot-constrained airport (= more than ~90% of daytime slots being used).

  • Since the infrastructure expansion based slot system will now release the airport slots in one go after expansion has completed, it is necessary to limit the take of the slots. This is purely for "fair play" reasons so that no single player can get a hold of all the slots after the expansion and to avoid the need for a situation where players need to sync their watches and set alarms to the exact date when the airport expands and slots are released.

  • Whenever an airport expands and it was slot-constrained before the expansion, a slot quota mechanism is activated for the airport. The actual quota depends on many things but is usually at least 50 new slots for each 5 passed game days. In other words you can schedule 7 new flights flown 7 times a week, and repeat this every 5 game days - so shouldn't be a truly limiting factor for anyone. The quota is valid for a maximum for 120 days after the expansion (2.5 real days with 30min/day game speed), which after the limit is lifted and slots are free to be bought in larger quantities too.

  • The slot quota is also applied during the first game year when number of airport slots grows from 40% to 100%. The quota activates if more than 80% of the daytime slots are being used after each slot increase.

  • The quotas for bankruptcies and route closures remains the same as before and they are cleared within 30 days of the event.

  • The quota is always re-checked when airport slot numbers change (initial game phase or airport expansion), so it might not last for the entire durations mentioned above.

  • The quota system is still partly based on old code intended only for the airline/route closures and will be tuned/improved at some point. Quota is also currently only displayed at the airport slots page but this is also due to some improvements soon. We'll keep an eye on how the things work in the new game world.

Other updates
  • Airport catchment radius for City Based Demand is re-calculated now three times monthly (vs. once previously).

  • Airport service levels for City Based Demand are now calculated twice as often as before (twice weekly vs once previously).

  • New pictures for A319NEO, A320NEO, A321NEO.

  • Manual updated to include the details of the airport infra expansions:

Other fixes
  • In some rare cases aircraft lease termination resulted in loss of the seating configuration, fixed.

  • Route Image did not transfer properly when Berlin's airport closed.

  • One background process of City Based Demand was causing errors and leading to cargo values not being updated, fixed.

  • Schedule conversion between fleet groups had incorrect turnaround time for technical stopovers.

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Offline Sami

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    • AirwaySim - Are you the next Richard Branson?

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Re: AirwaySim Changelog
« Reply #121 on: June 09, 2019, 10:19:35 PM »
Aircraft scrapping improvements

  • My Aircraft listing page has now a "mass scrap" option: Select the planes with checkbox and choose 'Scrap aircraft' from the dropdown at the bottom. The mass option does not give you all the financial information the per-aircraft scrapping page does, but it does the job..

  • Scrapping of aircraft is now possible even if the a/c is listed for sale at the used market (a/c can't be already sold of course).

  • Improved some error messages in the scrapping process.

This thread is locked and is reserved for announcements only. Please make all comments to the General forums:,60273.0.html
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