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Author Topic: [-] Strike Warning  (Read 320 times)

Online Zombie Slayer

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[-] Strike Warning
« on: March 15, 2015, 03:09:05 AM »
I don't think this is a bug but rather just insane timing.

Working in GW2, I clicked Personnel office after some scheduling. I hired required new staff, noticed a pay raise was requested and morale was in the 50 range so I gave the requested raise. I then clicked messages where I found a strike warning, returned to the staff page to find that several groups were threatening a strike despite the pay raise to the requested amount just seconds earlier. There was no indication of a strike warning when I visited the personnel office the first time.

This occurred June 1, 1993. The date is now June 12 and the strike warning is still present. Wages are at requested levels and all groups are fully staffed.

I think, just by dumb luck, I gave my staff a raise within seconds of the strike warning being triggered, and because of the timing the system is not recognizing the proper wages now being paid.

Can you have a look, Sami? PacAir, GW2.


Edit: Morale decreased after the raise, which was about $7m a month total. This is also not a one or two group issue, about 10 groups are threatening a strike now so it is not possible that one group somehow was overpaid and I erroneously decreased their pay.

Edit 2: Raised the salary of the Economics and Finance guys working in PEK by $1 and the strike threat for that group disappeared and the morale for the entire group, across all 5 bases, increased from 34 to 47. So, with that info, it definitely seems like a fluke related to when the warning was issued in relation to when I raised salaries.
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Re: Strike Warning
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2015, 07:39:37 PM »
The strikes, payraise requests and so on are all handled around noon game time. And judging from the description, I would say this is just random poor luck. The system handled the data just while you were on the page doing changes.

The strike warning "reset" could be better, but I really do not think it's worth the effort since I think this is so isolated case..


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