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Author Topic: Connect America fined for breaking slot transfer rules  (Read 1005 times)

Offline Sami

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Connect America fined for breaking slot transfer rules
« on: June 26, 2014, 07:16:07 PM »
It has been brought to the admin's attention that coordinated slot transfer in somewhat large quantities has happened between two airlines in this game world recently. Namely between APB Airlines (tom14cat14) and Connect America (xyeahtony), airport in question EGLL/LHR.

After investigation it was found that APB Airlines bankrupted on Jun 11th (3/97 game time), but before this he closed several (if not all) of his FAJS-EGLL routes over a period of about 45 minutes, bit by bit. At the same time, within seconds of every closure, Connect America edited his existing routes from EGLL to add slots to them. After this the airline (APB) was bankrupted through the normal procedure. This was naturally made to avoid the new 'slot quota' trigger in case of large sudden slot availabilities so that the 'receiving' LHR airline would not hit this limitation, which is of course wrong ...

The described behaviour is clearly visible on the log files, and it is also clearly in violation of the game rules, although I have to stress that the violation is not major since we are talking of about ~50 slots in total here, but still clearly against the rules. "Two or more airlines are also not allowed to coordinate transfer of airport slots between each others in large numbers in airports that are restricted in number of available slots."

Connect America will be shortly forced to release 35 LHR slots (approximately 75% of the slots gained here). No separate fine is issued since the slots itself did cost a large amount and are now lost. (Please also be aware that any attempt to coordinate these now released slots back to this airline in short term, via alliance partners for example, will lead to suspensions.)

-- Next offence of this nature, by ANY PLAYER, will lead to a full ban of at least 14 days. --

Thread is not available for comments. Please refrain from posting any "funny" press releases or such, any attempts to create hassle in the forums will be removed etc.

Current game date: 20-Nov-1998
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