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Author Topic: [ok] Request to preserve routing information for cancellations due to oversupply  (Read 787 times)

Offline fark24

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Hello all. I have a request to retain route information when routes are cancelled due to oversupply.

As I and many others have experienced, it can be very difficult to attend to a large number of oversupply warnings within the limited time window. In my experience, these warnings tend to arise en-mass in response to unpredictable globally simulated reductions in demand - not by any party intentionally setting up routes as an oversupply beyond some margin to accommodate future growth.

When these changes occur, we get lots of routes requiring adjustment and they all disappear if we are unable to attend to them in a timely fashion. It becomes extremely time consuming to track down what was canceled and laborious re-build the routes from scratch.

In the future, would it be possible to retain all routes canceled due to oversupply into the "View routes not being flown" menu - just like what is currently done with routes that lose their slots when not assigned to an aircraft?

I understand that the slots would have to be purchased again & capacity adjusted. But it would be a tremendous help to keep the flight numbers and routing info so that we can restore the routes by pointing & clicking - instead of having to go through the multi-menu interface when rebuilding a route.
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Offline Sami

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Yes, this is easy to do and actually smart idea in my mind.

Offline fark24

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  • Posts: 1149
Yes, this is easy to do and actually smart idea in my mind.
Thank you so much! Should certainly make life easier for us. I'll await the change  :)


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