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Author Topic: Selective rule enforcement  (Read 751 times)

Offline Infinity

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Selective rule enforcement
« on: February 06, 2014, 08:14:57 PM »
I did not want to make this public, but the decision sami made in private is absolutely unacceptable so I am forced to go forward with it.

Some time ago, Iksu in JFK was forced to restructure to stay in the game. He cut all long haul flying. This cut included 54 flights to LHR.
I was monitoring slots in JFK at the time as I wanted to open a base there and had already noticed Iksus decline.

KidCo, from Iksus alliance, eventually opened a base in JFK, prompting me to take a closer look. I noticed that all of Iksus LHR flights had been transferred to KidCo. Sami has checked and validated this.

Earlier in the game, a member of my alliance was accused of doing virtually the same thing.

He was dragged through the dirt and called a cheater. He was forced to release the slots.

I demand the same justice be applied here. KidCo must release the slots.

Same crime - same penatly. We can't have a selective rule enforcement in this game.

Sami has denied taking any action in the case, due to the smaller scale it compared to the previously mentioned one. I would like to make clear that, at the time, JFK was just as slot locked as LHR, so we are effectively talking twice the slots.

Note: I don't want to start any discussion about how this can avoided in the future, sami has already done that elsewhere. I want only justice, and this seems the only way to get it.

Offline Sami

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Re: Selective rule enforcement
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2014, 08:26:41 PM »
I already said it once in the other thread. Enough of this matter now.

Your report on this matter was investigated (very slowly, admittedly) and I did find out that after Iksu stopped flying longhauls to LHR the slots were purchased by his alliance member within 2 days. The case here was not as severe as the earlier case, 220 slots vs. 54 (original complaint was about LHR slots alone, not JFK, which was not under investigation), and that's why I've this time decided not to proceed with any penalty actions but rather seek for solutions on how to prevent it for the future (short-term changes to the system). (and in the previous case he was not forced to release all of those slots by the way...)

(You also left completely unmentioned that while this matter was pending investigation, you yourself launched a full "attack" against Iksu in the game by mimicking his routes and bases. And I received another complaint of this matter from the other side involved, but after investigation found no reason to penalize you since only one of the two/three requirements was filled for me to consider it unfair competition. ... But still, seriously, what is this, the first grade since both parties are yelling me of rule breaking??  ..meh.)

I've already stated that the issue of slot transfers will be dealt with, and just would like to figure the best way to do it (quickly), and how (if at all) it should be written into the rules actually.

And unfortunately I don't have any more humour left to watch this public whining. Read the title under the username - Administrator. Understand what it means. So next post or thread related to these matters means a ban now. = move on.

(and apologies for the tone)
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