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Author Topic: Show nothing by default  (Read 276 times)

Offline LemonButt

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Show nothing by default
« on: February 04, 2014, 01:29:36 AM »
For the Scheduling and Manage Routes, show an empty page by default until data is fetched using the search box on the left.

The default view is really useless once you get past 1 page worth of aircraft/routes (whatever your setting is) as you typically know what you're going to the page for.  Also, it will bring to attention the usefulness of the search feature for new players (I've been playing for years and didn't immediately realize the usefulness when the site was redesigned with it).  The default message could simply say use the search box on the left and/or click an inline link to view the "default" view of all aircraft.

The big reason being when I go to the scheduling page with 70 aircraft and then use the filters to get the aircraft I want, the search results will load with the small handful of aircraft I was looking for.  Then, since I have the default view set to 70 and it takes longer to generate on the server, my search results of a small handful of aircraft will be replaced by the default view and then I'll have to run the search again, which is frustrating.  98% of the time I have zero interest in the default pages generated on the Manage Routes and Scheduling pages and it just slows things down and/or adds extra steps to get to what I'm looking for.

I think most power users would agree with me...


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Re: Show nothing by default
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2014, 02:23:34 AM »
I'd go one better and have the fleet groups selectable on the Routes drop down menu - under Manage Routes and under Scheduling.

Most of the time that is what I'm looking for, so I end up taking the second step of filtering by FG.  Thus hitting the server twice for a common lookup.

Would also be nice to do the same for Aircraft drop down menu - under My Aircraft.  Same reason.

I use the other filters less often, but they certainly have their uses.

Of course, that is just how I play.  Others may differ.


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