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Author Topic: [-] Staffing Levels - New Airlines  (Read 354 times)

Offline 11Air

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[-] Staffing Levels - New Airlines
« on: December 13, 2013, 09:23:35 AM »
The levels of staff required to operate three aircraft seem disproportionate.
3 senior managers plus a CEO? I'm pretty sure, as CEO, I'd be making all the big decisions and watching the income/outgoings myself.
Route managers? ROUTE MANAGERS - I've only got half a dozen routes. What ARE THEY DOING? I have to do all the route analysis, a couple of secretaries could get all the details I need. I may want another route in a few weeks at the rate I'm going.
3 in marketing, etc etc.
I've sacked half the 'management', given the Workers a decent pay-rise, and are they grateful? Low Moral is the report I get - must be from one of the 'Management' I sacked for failing to manage, or do anything actually.

I have a set of route analysers should provide intel on a) the routes I'm running and b) might like to run. I did keep half of them. I don't get the b) function anyway so why pay for it. Not actually sure what the rest of them are doing?
Upper Management can go play golf. Hope they can still afford it without my supporting their fees. The two I've got left should be able to 'manage' the wages and recruitment. The pay rise for the workers will reduce wastage to near zero anyway.
Marketing? I phoned three agencies at random, one was well clued up on commercial aviation and has got the contract for half what I was paying my 'team'. I've rented out the office space to a little cargo operation that's trying to get started.
Personnel - I kept the one that soaks up the moans and groans and sends me a brief memo once a week, and she has a first aid certificate. I've bought a share in a local employment agency and they'll keep me supplied with seasonal staff.
The airline side is being dealt with by a retired Military Pilot. He's worked wonders with the maintenance and ground crew teams, sacked two pilots for fudging their hours, and arranged decent accommodation for crews on sleep overs.

Seriously though, yes, I can do serious:
An airline with 3 planes does need support staff. I do feel the default numbers involved are pretty large but in the early stages I'd be doing the recruiting of 'key staff/future managers' as CEO and deciding how much I was going to have to pay to get the guy/gal who'd do the best job for me and would grow with, and stay with the company. That would involve deciding on the quality I wanted and the price I'd have to pay.

Suggestion: CEO to recruit 3 managers - Head Office (inc Personnel), Ground Operations, Air Crew.  Staff numbers should automatically change as the number of routes, movements, aircraft change (which ever affects the numbers required). The default settings just seem too heavy for a lean start-up operation.

It's a major software write to get even the air crew staff numbers right. I'd be very happy with something that assigned air-crew (inc cabin staff) needed by each aircraft to do it's operation. Crew flying hours per week limited to say 45 max.
Ground Crew/Base Terminal Staffing would need to be based on Movements and a/c Capapcity (or Pax/Hour) for numbers.
For destinations an agreement with another airline would solve remote personnel issues based on a PaxNo rate. (future option to Self Staff bigger airports).
Management positions. One non-working manager to 7 to 10 people in each discipline, paid 20pc more than those they manage. That applies through the layers of the airline, the CEO being the only fixed position, his 'suggested pay' being on the same basis. The CEO's share dividend is added and should be based on 'Operating Profit'. Note, negative not allowed. Top CEO in the game would then be a genuine TOP CEO.

These are just a few thoughts to get the Non Flying Side to work more smoothly, and no urgency Sami. I know you have researched fully for this 'game', I'd certainly make this game part of the Personality Testing of any senior managers I'm recruiting. And it's fun!
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Offline Sami

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Re: Staffing Levels - New Airlines
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2013, 11:06:51 AM »
The staff numbers are already proportionally much lower for new(small) airlines than others.

Offline Andre

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Re: Staffing Levels - New Airlines
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2013, 02:32:02 PM »
It's become better than it used to be.. but it's still too difficult to run a small aircraft airline in the US for example. Even with no competition, lots of demand, 30 Embraer EMB-110 and 23 Fokker 27... the staff numbers are killing me. Staff salaries expense is 8 x the fuel costs, and 3 x the maintenance costs.


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