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Author Topic: Petition Manufacturers  (Read 288 times)

Online Colsie123

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Petition Manufacturers
« on: November 23, 2013, 11:32:54 PM »
I have tried searching as I think this may have been suggested before but couldn't find the thread. Just a prewarning (feel free to merge the threads sami if need be).

I am currently playing in Asia Challenge. Due to the pace of the game being a shorter world 787's where out of reach when it was launched for many (including myself and I have a large airline within the game world).At the time I chose the 767 as I was a young airline.This means I will be left with 767s with an ever increasing maintenance costs where as in real life airlines would be replacing the type with newer aircraft ie 787 to offset this among other reasons ie range and fuel efficiency. 

Moving on, my request would be for a way for airlines to band together and be able to petition a manufacturer to restart production of certain types. Such as in my case 787 as 767s need replaced. This would work by say a minimal number of airlines, (alternatively a large order of aircraft from 1 or more airline) such as five.

In order to ensure this did not result in a flood of planes back onto the market airlines would need to commit the cash for purchasing planes and a minimal quantity would need to be ordered such as 20 for production to restart with each airline paying their way on this.

In addition petitions should have some kind of charge applied for the airlines to cover expenses associated ie legal fees.


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Re: Petition Manufacturers
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2013, 05:06:55 AM »
We have a request to keep production lines open for a longer time even if the manufacturer doesn't sell any planes. Just like in real world, the manufacturer doesn't worry about its production line after it has reached its break even point and keeps the line open even if it is selling not very well. There is a point where the production needs to be ceased and that is where the replacement aircraft kicks in (shortly before the 787 comes in, 767 production stops or F28 production stopped when Fokker started its Fokker 100 production, etc).


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