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Author Topic: Advice/Help needed from more experienced members of the Alliance  (Read 416 times)


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I'm having a difficult time turning a decent profit or even a profit on some of my international routes.  I'm not exceeding demand on these routes, in fact I'm trying to provide them with exactly the amount of seats for each class that they are demanding.  Take for example my service from Honolulu to Beijing, demand is 320 passengers, I offer 250 seats 4 days a week, and 347 seats 1 day a week.  My average load factor is 66.22, average profit is $2,960/flt.  On a single flight from Honolulu to Atlanta on a Monday, the demand is 1739, it is over supplied by 94 seats and I offer a total of 397 seats.  My profit on that one flight is an average of $46,796.  Supply exceeds demand, and there is competition yet I make more than on a flight where I haven't met demand yet and there is NO competition. 

Can someone please help me make sense of this?   

Offline Teadaze

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Re: Advice/Help needed from more experienced members of the Alliance
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2013, 06:04:10 AM »
a few things with quick glance and a few suspicion...

- for international route. it takes time to build route image to hit proper load level.
- your departure time is a mess. general rule of thumb is to avoid anything(departure/arrival) before 0500 and after 2300
- I see you have 7 plane type with 51 plane.. this is a huge nono. you basically won't really make money unless you have 5+ plane / type due to commonality. And it gets more expensive for every plane type you are running. Also, certain plane type is not ideal for certain route.
- alliance: ask for help.. that's what they are for.
- mentor: use it..... and if someone take you in bombard them with question.

The difficulty gap between Beginners world and MT is way too large imo... sami should suggest what world to attempt after beginning world as IMO JA is easier, especially right now.
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Re: Advice/Help needed from more experienced members of the Alliance
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2013, 02:46:55 PM »
Off the top of my head without looking at the specifics there are a few possibilities:

1.) if your route image (RI) is still low on the flight to Beijing you will not be able to attract all of those 320 passengers.  You need a much lower RI to attract 397 out of 1739 than to attract 250 out of 320.  Also RI will build slower if you aren't flying the route every day of the week.  International routes esp. can take quite awhile to reach profitability if you are supplying close to maximum demand.

2.) as aoitsuki mentioned, if those flights are departing/arriving between 2300 and 0500 you will take a penalty to load factors, this penalty will be bigger at low RI and low company image.

You should try to cut down the number of types you are running as aoitsuki suggested as well, though the penalties are not so huge iirc at only 50 aircraft in size.  I would get rid of the 747-100/SPs in favor of more 747-400s as soon as possible, those old 747s are fuel pigs and you only have a couple.  I would also look at replacing those 767-200s with some 757s if possible.


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