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Author Topic: Suggestion  (Read 475 times)

Offline AndreiX

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« on: September 21, 2013, 11:23:13 PM »
First of all, I just want to start by saying that I appreciate the AirwaySim project very much. It is so far more than a simple game! All games found online or offline are stupid compared to AWS. I have searched a lot for a good game, I am very happy to have found AWS 1 year and a half ago. Sami congrats and respect! It is clear and it feels that you are a passionate of the real life aviation! And it is a great thing that everyoane talks with you and that you are so friendly. With a bit of publicity on aviation forums and maybe facebook, you will easily grab and hold a lot of new players. (You should think about doing some marketing, if needed, I'd love to help!)
I am sure it has been discussed before, but I want to express it myself and maybe hear other oppinions. It would probabbly require a lot of work, but here it goes: you should try to add somehow a Low Cost Carrier option to the game, maybe an option when starting the company, and the option of rebranding to LCC or the other way around, at a sustainable price while in the game. Of course, you should modify also the behavior of the pax to switch between LCC and Line Carriers. Somehow, the LCs should have somewhat better image, more confortable configured airplanes, LCCs should be blocked from using First or Business class, maybe both carriers could choose options to ground and inflight service (checkin free/at a cost, luggage, seat assignment, food and bevereges, magazines, and even the number of Cabin Crew in the airplanes). Of course, it is very difficult to do all of these, I imagine that the balance between LFs would be chaotic, but still, maybe you have better ideas on how to do it. Also, probably a differnce should be done at airport taxes between main airports and secondary ones. It would be interesting to see how LCC will steal pax from the main airports... Of course LCCs would naturally be more affected of the fleet comonality costs and fuel spikes withouth major changes. Maybe they could even get charter contracts for a period of time or even single flights on a transport market.
I am sure it is not a thing to be done in a short period of time, but it is a thought I think it is worth considdering.
Don't get me wrong, I like AWS a lot the way it is, maybe this could be implemented on a secondary scenario next to the ones that are rolling right now...

Offline LemonButt

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Re: Suggestion
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2013, 12:24:18 AM »
You need to do a search on the feature request forum--all of these ideas have been presented and fleshed out ad nauseam.  The secondary airports should come into play for "stealing" pax from primary airports once city-based demand is implemented.

There is also a Facebook page etc. already and I don't think AWS is short on players--most game worlds end up full when they're opened up.

Also, this should be posted in the feature request forum...


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