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Author Topic: [ok] Flag/Message for "Production About To End" for New Aircraft Pages  (Read 429 times)


  • Former member
While it is good that a message shows up under the Global Events box on the Dashboard page warning that an aircraft is about to have its production end, it is not something to look at first when checking out new aircraft (plus, over time, the warning gets "lost" in the list of messages in that box)

One would normally go straight to the New Aircraft - Available page when analysing aircraft strategy or for ordering. 

1)  It would be rather helpful to add a flag (or highlight of some sort) for each aircraft on the New Aircraft page to indicate that are in danger of having its production stopped.

2)  In addition, since the there seems to be some threshold for order levels that reset the timeline for ending production, it would helpful to have a warning message (similar to yellow box messages on the Edit Route page) about this with the date the product would end on the New Aircraft - Negotiate page.  One might then calibrate their orders accordingly and not get caught ordering too few for the reset.

Yes, these are redundant with the Dashboard message (in a way), but it is easily missed, and these two things would help players from making a potentially big mistake.
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Re: Flag/Message for "Production About To End" for New Aircraft Pages
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2013, 09:26:15 PM »
Adding to this, having the ability to "subscribe" to various aircraft news would be awesome. A message would be sent with that information to your inbox everytime some news happens in that fleet category.


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