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Author Topic: Suggestions for game fatures  (Read 535 times)

Offline nicoelscublog

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Suggestions for game fatures
« on: January 28, 2009, 11:26:33 PM »
I haven't seen such a topic yet, so I am thinking to start one. So, here are my suggestions:

1. Different prices for the different days of the week. To be able to set the prices in relation with the load factors. For example, there could be a form that would ask you: If avg. load time/particular day is x, than the price will increase/decrease with that percent/percent. For example. Washington - Denver. I set the initial prices, than I wait for a week, and then use this form. So, let' say I have 50% load on Wednesday. Than, I will use this form to say, decrease prices with 0.5%/1% less of load. So, the price would be decreased by 25%. The same form could be used to increase the price. If it's more than, let's say 90% we can choose to increase it by a certain percentage for each point of load over 90%. That would make it more realistic.

2. Slowly increase passenger demands between cities. For example, set a quota of, let's say 1%/year for major countries with established flight history, like the U.S. or U.K., and maybe 3-4% for developing countries. That would make this game more dynamic. However my third point might make more of a difference.

3. Airlines increase passenger demands: So, let's say I base my airline on Otopeni International Airport, Bucharest. That is a medium airport, with not so many people flying out of that airport. However, because it has an established airline, the passanger demands should increase more than if there were no airlines established there. Let's say 4%/year for the first airline established, 6%/second, 7.5%.third, 8.5%/year for the fourth, and so on... So, airlines will be more interested to establish itself in countries like Albania, because the demand will increase there if there are established airlines. That will make a very nice dynamism in the game.

4. Catering - let's be able to choose if we offer food or not or planes, and what type of food. I offer myself to compile a list of airline menus for the different classes. That will increase or decrease costs for flying, that can also mean establishing real low-cost airlines.

5. Rewards - Each individual airline can set their own rewards program, and what passengers can do with their miles. The better the rewards, the better company image.

6. Alliances - has been discussed in another thread - no more to add yet.

I had many more ideas, but forgotten some of them. I will add them when I remember. I know it takes a lot of time to do this, and I appreciate the work of all of you. I am willing, though to volunteer for gathering information for this exciting game.


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Re: Suggestions for game fatures
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2009, 11:34:35 PM »
nicoel, if you scroll down the forum list you will find a whole forum dedicated to "feature requests" :), some good ideas though


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Re: Suggestions for game fatures
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2009, 03:09:26 AM »
er yes, as dazwalsh said, the FEATURE REQUESTS forum is a great place to start!

as for ur points:

1. nice idea, as it is the price system is very basic with only 1 'average' price being able to be input by the  user
3. i think something like this exists, sami might be able to comment further
4. already suggested
5. already suggested
6. already implemented


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