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Author Topic: An interesting stat on SH vs LH tech stop  (Read 413 times)

Offline Sanabas

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An interesting stat on SH vs LH tech stop
« on: August 06, 2013, 07:36:33 AM »
Just been having a quick look at some of my routes. I have some IL-18Bs flying full, in 65/8 configs. What do you think will be more efficient, and by how much? A direct, 1740 NM route? Or a tech-stopping route that is almost exactly twice as long?

AMS-Tenerife: 1740 NM, 15:40 round trip, revenue is $1044/hr, profit is $870/hr. Triple fuel prices, and profit drops to $662/hr.

AMS-Detroit, 3412 NM direct/3470 NM via Gander, 29:30 round trip, revenue is $1005/hr, profit is $835/hr. Triple fuel prices, and it drops to $600/hr.

That is surprisingly close. Shorthaul is less than 5% better, only 10% better if fuel is absurdly expensive.

My shortest route on those planes is to Lisbon, it sold 62.5/8. 997 NM, 10:25 trip, profit is $850/hr. Even if I add the 3 unsold seats, it's only $868/hr. That's really surprising, the shorter route (by 5 hours/700 NM) is actually less efficient.

A short, full route to Budapest, selling 55/4 (18A, so only 4 C seats), makes $810/hr, even worse again. Though admittedly that's more because of not having those extra 4 C seats. If I sold 55/8, profit would be up to $982, 20% higher.

Looking at all my -18A routes, only 3 out of 60 have Y LFs above 90%. But 18 of them have C-class LFs of 100% or close to it. Definitely reason to overdo the C-class next time, to make sure I get as many as possible, even if I forfeit the occasional Y pax.


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