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Author Topic: Newbie Question - B Checks  (Read 667 times)


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Newbie Question - B Checks
« on: August 03, 2013, 12:47:00 AM »
It seems bad for revenue that you lose a day of the month because the plane has to go for a 24 hr B-Check, so I was wondering if this is a good way to get around it or if i'm missing something in the settings/scheduling:

Plane X has 3 routes every day of the week and it's B-Check is scheduled for monday nights
Plane Y has 3 different routes every day of the week and it's B-Check is tuesday nights.

Would it be beneficial to edit plane X's routes so that they are only flown every day except Monday, create duplicate routes of plane Y's TUESDAY flights and assign plane X to those TUESDAY flights and do the same for plane Y's routes (edit them fly every day except Tuesday) so that it can take X's Monday flights?

It's extra cost to open a duplicate route for just one day, but in the long run, you'd never miss a day of flying due to 24hr maintenance ..of course doing this early with only 3-4 planes is manageable, but i can imagine it would get crazy with a larger fleet.

or is the B-check just a no-win situation and you have to just deal with losing a day of flights for one aircraft?

Online Teadaze

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Re: Newbie Question - B Checks
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2013, 12:53:43 AM »

let's say plane x's route is a and plane y's route is b

(this is what you wrote)

plane x: baaaaaa
plane y: babbbbb


plane x: baaaaaa
plane y: abbbbbb

b check is 24 hours so you will still get hit by b check. And your version will have duplicate load on one day.
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Offline LemonButt

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Re: Newbie Question - B Checks
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2013, 12:59:22 AM »
The best way to avoid "lost revenue" is to fly those missed routes to destinations with more than one flight.  So instead of flying 1x/daily to a destination and having 0% or 100% load factors, you want to fly a route you're flying 2x daily.  When a B-check comes up, instead of flying 2x daily with 75% load factors, you'll be flying 1x daily with 100% load factor.


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Re: Newbie Question - B Checks
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2013, 12:58:59 PM »
This is right, but for gaining one 100% LF on one day you fly 25% empty on 2 flights on the rest of the days, plus you lose possibility to charge your PAX a much higher fare if you leave a bit of  demand unserved (that could be a lot, try it !). I donīt think there is a reasonable way to avoid missing one days income for B-checks until you are free to schedule those on any week of the month, have a big fleet and a hired crew in the background to plan a fleetwide rotating flight schedule like in real life.
There are ways to avoid A-,C- and D-check gaps,but they involve having an interchangeble fleet, a complicated (7-day) flightplan and a lot of on- line time to keep up with things you have to do manually on time, because you canīt tell the system at what time it has to order an new or used plane , when to transfer schedule from one plane to another or when to start C- or D-checks on other than automated date.Only thing I recommend is to have a B-check overlapping the weekly A-check gap, because B-check is also A-check and you donīt miss a scheduled flights income then anyway.
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