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Author Topic: user error or bug? - changing prop to jet on open route - LHR (no slots)  (Read 402 times)

Offline spiff23

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50-50 chance of user error vs bug report, but has anyone else had difficulty (or in my case impossible) to swap plane types?

I wanted to put a Comet on a DC-6 route to LHR.  LHR has 0 slots at any hour, however, I have one for my existing flight, of course.  The departure is about 20:30 and I aligned the Comet base departure to hit the 20:30 time in LHR exactly...but I can't change to the new plane type.  It say 0 slots even when I match the LHR departure time exactly to my existing route in the edit route mode.

This used to be fairly easy in the old system in that as long as your LHR departure time (or other slot restricted airport) was the same, you saw your own available slots in edit and could make the plane switch in a few clicks and after accounting for faster speed of the plane. I also tried +/- 30 minutes and all times say 0 slots.

Am I missing a new trick to changing fleet type on an open route, or is this a potential bug issue? which I can move this to bug reports.  The main issue seems to be LHR has no slots...but this is an existing open route with intended same departure time.

If there is a new feature to do this, would appreciate a pointer where to look.

Offline Sami

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Both LHR routes do have slots.

a) does not show warning at the top of the route info page
b) not listed at notification view
c) if you press edit and do not change anything the slots are available and cost is $0

(and if you put for example a 6h turnaround for Comet it does work)
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Offline spiff23

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D'oh---thanks Sami.  Apologies.  I discovered my mental/user error.  I was actually trying to move the departure time to next day and forgot to change the departure days to take into account the shorter flying works...or will when I get the next Comet.   


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