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Author Topic: [-] Mobile feature for future  (Read 423 times)

Offline spiff23

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[-] Mobile feature for future
« on: May 12, 2013, 02:34:49 AM »
My assumption is with people ditching PCs that some of this games functionality needs to be enhanced.  I'm playing 99% on tablet and overall about 95% of the game play works great.  If working on future upgrades, these are the two features I'd say that most need a future mobility enhancement (not sure what those would be as my programming skills ended at COBOL and C++  :-[)  maybe one of these young whippersnappers has some ideas  :laugh:

Anyway main issue seems to be with the pop up over layer windows as the scroll sticks with the background and not the pop up.

The biggest impact is plane seating configuration.  This is impossible on an iPad and requires pulling out the old PC from the Mojave closet to configure any sort of seating configuration beyond the standard.  Perhaps in the future this could be a separate page for the mobile platform (?)... Or some sort of button that takes you to a static page that you can scroll through to set configurations.  As long as you only have a few seating configurations, you can then pick them in normal game play.  As best as I can tell this is the only part of the game for which you have no option playing on something other than a computer.

2). Annoyance, but you can figure it out, but enhancement would be better.  When trying to open a route at a slot controlled airport, the pop up windows also don't work if your time is off the screen.  You can navigate with a new tab to the airport and then see what's open ( e.g., LHR @ 20:00).  In future would be great to have an option where slots is not a pop up so you can try to plan your route without multi tabs and searching around.  This one is more a nice to have compared to seat config which best I can tell is impossible, especially since its only an annoyance with the slot restricted airports and evening return flights.

Hope this helps.  Overall, I like many of the new enhancements and like I said, 95% of game seems playable from a tablet these days which is great!
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Online Sami

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Re: Mobile feature for future
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2013, 10:53:09 AM »
Both of these are being dealt with in the new layout


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