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Author Topic: [ok] When adding maintenance, remember page and AC subfleet type selection.  (Read 393 times)

Offline EsquireFlyer

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1. Say for example if you have "DC-10-30" subfleet selected, and you add a route. After adding it, you will stay on the same page, and with the same subfleet type selected.
2. In the same situation, if you add a maintenance check, after adding it, the AC type is changed back to the larger fleet (all DC10), and you are kicked back to page 1. And because the fleet selection changes, the page numbers change also and you can't skip back to the original page (say, page 7) since that could now be page 4 or page 11 or anything.

When doing 7-day scheduling, which requires adding both routes and maintenance, behavior #1 is convenient and saves time. Behavior #2 is inconvenient and requires extra clicking and wasted time.

Can behavior #2 be changed to match behavior #1 please?
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Offline Jona L.

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Simple solution:

Use the Fleet-type number and if necessary the base number in the URL (manually, not by system) and it simply does what you look for. I think this does NOT work for single a/c though (only DC-10, not DC-10-10/30/etc.), but still is very helpful.

e.g. for A320s it would be:


and so on.

Other Airbus numbers:

A300 4; never used 350/380 so can't say for certain. Would guess 5 and 6 respectively though.

End numbers for Boeings:

22 for 737OG 23 for 737cl 24 for 737NG 25 for 747cl 26 for 744/8 28 for 757 29 for 767 30 for 777 and 31 for 787

DC-10 is 65 IIRC

End number 1 is CONC.

If you want to add a base, add this:


Hope it helps...

[SC] Jona L.
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Offline EsquireFlyer

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Thanks. However that solution is not really "simple" for most users, and doesn't address the subfleet type (e.g. 10-10/10-30) issue which is the problem we have. The fleet type (DC10) is already remembered by the system.

Offline Sami

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Will work with new layout


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