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Author Topic: More features in the settings page / e.g. Checks for different fleetgroups  (Read 300 times)


  • Former member
As you all know we have the option for automatic lease extension and automatic C-/D-Check in the settings menu.

However, these settings are global, so for all of your aircraft groups.

The leasing option can be changed for single aircraft, but that's not really handy if you have 150+ aircraft of a single fleetgroup.

I want to make three feature requests in this thread, all work together, but they could be implemented also each for itself:

1) Define time of lease extension.

At the moment the automatic lease extension extens leases 1 years before the leasing actually ends.

It would be nice if this time could be adjusted, at least to 1 month and 6 month.

2) Lease extension for fleet groups.

Maybe I want to extend the leases for my DC-10-30 aircraft but want to run out the leases for my DC-10-10?

Or I want to keep all my 737 classics, but don't need the 737 1st generation anymore.

It would be nice if the leasing menu would be as flexible as the turnaround helper is in this point.

3) Basically the same as 2) but for maintenance C- and, more important, D-Checks.

Maybe D-Checks for the DC-10 I want to keep are fine, but the 737 1st generation I want to replace is unnecessary.

It would be good if we could check or uncheck a box for every fleetgroup (DC-10) or model (DC-10-10, DC-10-30).

I don't think this feature would consume endless time. Everything that's needed is basically already implemented - the time frame define box at the turnaround settings (just change minutes with month) and the checkboxes for maintenance are already there, but not detailed to specific fleetgroups or models.

So in my non-coder brain it sounds like copy-paste already existing code and replace what it does. No new buttons or much general new code needed. Sorry if I'm wrong in this, I just try to make feature requests that consume a time amount that's realistic to implement. :P


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