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Author Topic: New to this  (Read 1816 times)


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Re: New to this
« Reply #20 on: October 09, 2012, 09:01:37 AM »
...(All birds are in the green now)...

Hello AJfromLA,

I finally noticed you are in the Demo game. I thought you were in a full gameworld.

So please let me apologize first for my short and maybe rude comments before, I will start to explain things now a bit more like I would wish to be treated when a starter myself. :) And feel free to send me further PM, I'd be happy if I could help you (more) in this fantastic game.

The quoted part of your message is a small thing in AirwaySim that lead many people, including me when I was new, into a false direction.

An aircraft turning in profit does exactly this. It makes profit and covers the cost for its own fuel, the crew and pilots that are dedicated to this special aircraft, the navigation fees for this one aircraft and the leasing costs.

But, and there's the problem, your airline creates costs that are not pinned down to a single aircraft. Your marketing campaigns, your office costs, your security and baggage staff and the slots you have to purchase for big money are not in this statistics.

This means:
Your aircraft must not only be slightly in the green to cover its own costs, it must be a good money maker to cover up the overhead.

Experience in AirwaySim showed several things:
1) Small aircraft with less than 25 pax can't make enough profit to achieve this under normal circumstances.
2) Jet aircraft with few seats like EMB 145 or CRJ 200 can barely make enough profit. Mostly when the fuel costs are low as competition - that's why you might face in Demo World, but not in a full gameworld.

I don't know exactly the situation of your airline but I could imagine your single A320 makes enough profit to cover your overhead and the two EMB actually make profit. So your decision isn't this bad, but it could been optimized. In Demo world trying things out is nice and ok and fun, but in full gameworlds it would be sad to see your airline bust because of this.


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Re: New to this
« Reply #21 on: October 09, 2012, 09:24:14 AM »
I didn't take your comments as rude at all!  As a matter of fact I found it very helpful , and the party pooper hilarious!

I did take your advice though on another A320...and I tweaked another idea from Mr. HP. He suggested I put the 320 on a red eye to LA or somewhere on the West Coast to maximize the aircraft. Where when I looked into destinations out of Savannah, DFW presented the most demand heading West. So I have the 2nd A320 on 2 flights to DFW earlier in the day BUT I also added a late night flight to Chicago and added a 3rd flight to ORD onto the existing A320. That way I can get as close to the demand as possible.

Everyday except Wednesday and Sunday I am moving 650 of the projected 850 people a day, so I think I am doing pretty good on the flow so far. My 145s are keeping a high LF% with one doing 4 flights a day between KSAV and KATL, with the second flying 2 flights to KIAH with a quick hop to KATL in between to help EMB145#1 with the load. And as for profit, all my aircraft are pulling 6 figures(EMBs 200K+ and the one A320 in service is pulling 500K+ in a week, the 2nd A320 goes into service on the "8th of November")

I didn't take any offense to what anyone has said and I find it quit helpful. So maybe in a few days when I join a real game, you guys wont mop the floor with me! I will be looking forward to joining the real world game in a few days and please keep the advice coming!


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Re: New to this
« Reply #22 on: October 09, 2012, 01:43:58 PM »
Just make sure you read the manual and the 3 guides for newcomers in the General forum. Then, you can learn more by experiment. Pushing too many advice to you here just only make you confused

If you are concerned about anything, give us a shout. Plenty of members here are very friendly




  • Former member
Re: New to this
« Reply #23 on: October 09, 2012, 06:16:59 PM »
Why would you move around your checks?
Concerning your tiny Embraers: may be you should send them to very near destinations with small demand, Houston at least seems to be too far away for such a small bird.Have them serve at least 4 circles a day. Don´t be mislead by high LF or green route numbers, there are a lot more costs involved that these birds otherwise don´t fly in...(oops, mentioned before)
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