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Author Topic: small-scale operations : room for an alliance?  (Read 420 times)


  • Former member
small-scale operations : room for an alliance?
« on: August 07, 2012, 08:22:12 PM »
There are a few of us running modestly successful small-scale airlines in MT#7 now, by 'small-scale' I mean predominantly under 50seats aircraft, by 'successful' I mean we ain't BK yet.

My own feelings are that the changes made to the game have made that a more achievable goal than before but there are still some issues, mainly around staffing levels, that could be improved.

Anyhow, I would be interested to hear from those trying such airlines as to their experience so far, and also if it is worth thinking about starting an alliance dedicated to the 'small-scale' enthusiasts and perhaps those trying out the more unusual strategies or 'role-plays', such as the famed all-Soviet experiments in other game-worlds.

If nothing else, it might give us the chance to compare notes, swap tips and compare pizza recipes.

Response's here or in PM welcomed.


  • Former member
Re: small-scale operations : room for an alliance?
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2012, 02:41:54 AM »

Looks like we are running the same airline model :) I mean the regional/smal one. I operates from norway with medium a/c like dh8c and was thinking of creating an alliance with regional operators. So we might be partners if you want. I post an announcement before about that (here)

I have been experimenting small scales airlines in the earlier MT scenarios and I can say that in this one it is easier only because we can increase the fares. And yes the issue with the staff level is still a problem. I spend around 22% of my incomes in the salaries.

In a near future I will operate a second fleet type, then I will see if my commonality cost increase to much regarding the benefit of that new a/c type.




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