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Author Topic: (STRATEGY) Slow start with young aircraft or Agressive expansion with older?  (Read 1375 times)


  • Former member
Hello just wondering players opinions,

Start with young used airplanes and tha order brand new one as they run out quick, relatively more expensive At the beginning, slow groth but I guess long term cost saving maintenance talking, but with the risk to not find free route to fly without competitor

Or the opposite rapid expansion with old aircraft, money drainer for maintenance.

Especially looking at airline using wide body aircraft!

Ciao Jivan

Offline LemonButt

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I have been very successful ordering new aircraft at the start instead of used in DOTM.  I ordered BAC 1-11 with the intent of flying them the entire game world and buying them after the leases ran out.  This gives you a jump on everyone else in the production lists and saves you a lot of headache in converting your routes later as there may be discrepancies in speed/turnaround and you may end up buying slots twice to make it work.

Most of the people you'll see BK in the coming months of MT7 are those who went the old plane route and get buried by maintenance costs due to overexpansion.  Using old aircraft isn't necessarily bad, but if you can't replace them in time, which happens frequently, you could be a in a world of hurt.  On top of this, most old aircraft are in poor condition and require a considerable investment to get them in good condition so you're delays/cancellations don't spike and ruin your CI.  Additionally, you still need to pay to reconfig on the old aircraft as well as whatever you plan on replacing it with.

On top of all this, if fuel spikes before you can transition to a newer fleet, say goodbye :(


  • Former member
thanks for your opinion this time I'm trying a strategy with all brand new aircraft as the few previous games with old aircraft finished quite bad  :-\

Offline alexgv1

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If you want to be successful for 5 years then choose second method.

If you want to be successful for 25 years then choose the first method.

CEO of South Where Airlines (SWA|WH)


  • Former member
If you want to be successful for 5 years then choose second method.

If you want to be successful for 25 years then choose the first method.




  • Former member
The most successful method is a mix of both.

Start with only or mostly old and cheap aircraft, let's say 80% used and 20% new.. Then there's a small time frame where you have old ones and new ones at the same time, about 50% old ones and 50% new ones. This is where you should at last stop ordering old ones, except to exchange a very old one (18 years or D-Check soon) with a better short lease of the same type (7 years old, D-Check in 3 years for example).

If you miss the correct time frame to replace mostly or all of the old ones, you will fail.

If you replace them too fast, you lose money and leave the path of effectiveness.

At the end you should never hesitate to do strict changes if the game hits you hard. If fuel prices rise extremely and your old aircraft stop making money, give them back or minimize the losses by grounding them and retire the crews.

A pure new aircraft start has some advantages (sometimes same type for the whole game, enough production slots, a new and fresh looking airline, no anger because of the used market situation) but it is never the most effective way and in same cases it can destroy your airline, mostly if you are at a very slot restricted airport.

Offline Boot

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(7 years old, D-Check in 3 years for example)
Seems that you didn't put much thought into your sentence...

As for my personal experience... I used MD90-s in MT6 and did great. They were nicely available from new and used markets so I used both options (I joined about 7 years after the gameworld start).
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  • Former member
Seems that you didn't put much thought into your sentence...

Why? Computer lessors often do C- and D-Checks before they are mandatory and it's an example sentence - I don't know how it's done in Estonia, but in most countries I know it must be read like "the aircraft can be 7 years old or the D-Check can be just 3 years away - it must not be perfect, simply better than the specific aircraft you want to replace".

MD-90 are ok if they suit the needs of your airline. Personally I don't like there are no versions with more range and more/less pax. However, once had a small airline with 200+ MD-90 out of Taiwan and even with high fuel prices and mostly Economy class the airline was fun and healthy.

Offline FlyTO

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This is the first gameworld where I started with old ACs aged 12Years and up. I usually go with 3-6Years Large Airplanes (320s, 737s, MD88s).

There were some downsides, being condition of aircraft being poor and leading to technical airplane cancelations, maybe the maintenance too, and having a plan to replace the aging fleet with new ones.
The upside was it was cheap, readily available, and able to expand quickly (very important in the beginning years with competitors and slot issues).

So far, so good, being Longhaul is still very profitable with the low fuel prices, and I was able to use the profits to order new aircrafts before the long lineup so I don't need to waste my time with the used market looking for A320s.

Offline Maarten Otto

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In MT6 I did an airline with 727's and replaced them before C check. This saved a lot of expanses, but did cause some scheduling difficulties. After some time I was able to order factory new machines.


  • Former member
I guess go for a mix of both is the best idea, ur ur you need to have everything well planned also, I guess is more easier with smaller plane no idea if DC10 are so convenient however my competitor at my base seems to do a great job with a mix of those old wide bodies and a330/340 I'm quite behind but my airline is so far healthy with good income to guarantee me one new wide body every month quite expensive one, let's see

Offline Troxartas86

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I'm going with a small rather vulnerable operation but I am using a mixture of older used, not so old used, and brand new albeit all one fleet type. Since day one I bought a middle aged plane, leased a middle aged plane, leased a younger used plane and most recently ordered a brand new one paying cash.

Usually I try to get around to ordering a steady stream of new AC as soon as I can but I also always have a long term goal of owning as soon as possible. Recently in my DoTM effort to run an all-Soviet airline, I've also learned the benefits of flying cheap old AC to keep expansion going when you can't get new planes. There are benefits to every strategy as long as you are careful and always consider the future.


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