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Author Topic: [-] Economic Indicators, Real World Events, Frequent Flyer Programs  (Read 343 times)


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I would like to start by saying that I am very satisfied with the game; the creators did a great job at taking a complex industry and making is simple enough for anyone to enjoy playing.  Besides the great ideas already posted, I would like to see a couple of features added to the game to add an extra layer of difficulty.

1. Economic indicators - This would be a barometer on the economy and would affect demand, fuel prices, labor costs, and ticket prices. I.E. a reading above 50 represents economic growth a reading below 50 would represent a recession.  I think this would need to be a regional or country-specific reading, but there could also be a global reading as well. Perhaps this is in the underlying gameplay, but it would be good to have a visual reading.

2. Real World Events - So far, I see when airports open or close, but it would be good to incorporate political events, terrorist events, wars, etc which would have an impact on PAX demand.  For instance, a coup in Thailand would reduce or perhaps eliminate travel to that country for a period of time.  It could be random or could be modeled after real events in the given time of game play.

3. Frequent Flyer/Points Program (Self explanitory)

some others

4. Ability to pay commission to travel agents, discounts for round-trip passengers, offer other services such as lounges for business and first class passengers, ability to purchase auxiliary property such as hotels, resorts, amusement parks, etc

I think some of these were already mentioned so apologize if I am repeating
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Re: Economic Indicators, Real World Events, Frequent Flyer Programs
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2009, 06:20:50 PM »
1/4 - Actually quite a coincidence as I am just setting up a development environment to the server as I noticed that the general economic model does need some changes, as the expenses are not balanced very well compared to real life.

2 - is planned, separate thread exists.


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