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Author Topic: I bet I can make airline managers laugh for a minute or two (Sami included)  (Read 1545 times)


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4 airline executives are standing in the putting green on the 13th hole par 3 of their country club. One of them couldnt resist the pride he had for his son so starts a conversation.....

Executive 1: My son is doing great! He graduated from London School of economic, got a job in a bank, and is doing soooo well that he could afford buying his best friend a new BMW..... (the other three reply insync.... Wooooow!)

Executive 2: Well my son is not doing too bad himself, he graduated from Yale and become a successfull lawyer in New York City. He is also doing so well that he could afford to take his friend to Paris and Rome for a month.... (The other 3 reply.... Wooooow!)

Executive 3: Well if I must... I tell you that my son is really special. He became a doctor and eventually opened his own clinic. He is doing so well that he bought a house for one of his friends.... (The other 3 reply.... Woooooooww!!!

The fourth executive remains quiet until they ask him..... How about your son? What has he done with his life?

Executive 4: I rather not discuss my son's life right now..... But if I have to, I tell you that he is a male stripper and dancer at a Gentleman only club.
(All 3 executives laugh and tell him, "well is ok, not everybody is able to raise perfect children"

Executive 4: Wait a minute.... Dont take me wrong Im very proud of him. He is doing so well that his clients take him to trips to Paris & Rome, buy him BMWs and one of them even bought him a House!!!!!!!

Offline MCR247

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haha thats great!  ;D

Offline JumboShrimp

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(This message has too many smileys. Please reduce the number of smileys.)


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