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Author Topic: Mission Impossible.  (Read 1650 times)


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Mission Impossible.
« on: November 22, 2011, 05:17:58 PM »
Hello! and thank's for producing the coolest game on internet ever.

I am a 28 year old Airplane-buzz. I love everything that has with the planes-airlines-etc.

I started playing The Jet Age after start, I think about 2-3 month's later. I got my company located at the airport where I live. Norway's 5th largest airport according to Avinor, who is responsible for planning, developing and operating the Norwegian airport network. 

Is there any chance that there could be more possibilities for the players who don't start up in the big city airport's? I now have a airline that is doing quite alright for a "newbie"

I got my base at ENTC/TOS. I'm doing alright and got 2 Fk 27 on order that I bought, plus some 727's and a Tupolev that are leased. I'm also have a larger Boeing on order to take over the Russian fuel eating buss in 1965.

But why can't I open routes where the plane fly over a series of airports. Example, there is not a snowball chance in hell to make money on a route in Northern Norway  where every flight has to be a non-stop. Why cant I fly ENTC-ENAT-ENHF-ENKB-ENTC? THis is the way it works in the real world. And would open up a opportunity to make extra money on a flight that is more realistic. And gives players who don't open bases at larger airports a possibility to get more planes, using the planes to a maximum. And giving us a chance to get enough planes so that we can open more bases. Pluss using the potential of the aircraft's 100%. Example. There is no point of flying to Hammarfest and pick up 1-10 PAX. But if you take a "tour" of the coastal airports, giving PAX to travel between the small airports and after the "tour" flying direct to ENTC?

Sorry if I sound bitter and bitchy. But this would lift the joy of playing even more, and making it even more realistic. Cause I feel that I have hit a rock that I can't move without leasing/buying a bunch of planes to get the "magic 15". And all routes going south are more or less taken, except the small ones with 10-30 pax a day?

Just wondering? But once more, thank's for the fun!




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Re: Mission Impossible.
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2011, 07:01:12 PM »
okay i see your airline is in trouble. 1st problem: you operate 4 727 and 1! Tupe. Please take a look at your commonality costs, operating only 1 a/c of one type is fatal. 2nd, you orderd 1! 727 and 2 F27. This can kill you, then it will lift your commonality costs even higher.

Try to stay with 2 a/c types - one shor trange, one medium.

Maybe you start over...

Offline ekaneti

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Re: Mission Impossible.
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2011, 07:52:06 PM »

WE use to be able to have routes A-B-C-B-A, but not in the new version. I know it is something Sami is working on for the future.


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Re: Mission Impossible.
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2011, 12:00:14 AM »
You are quite right, not having A-B-C-B-A routes makes it more difficult. About 2 (?) years ago, we had them, we transitioned away from them in favor of adding more hubs. This is reflected in the current game design.

However, I know there are quite many airports that are seemingly un-servable that could benefit from this style of route design. I have a few myself.

I could see opening this route design style up to "small airports" or smaller, but if we open it up completely, it will definitely become problematic really quickly.

However, if you keep your commonality costs low and find suitable aircraft for your routes (keep only 1 or 2 aircraft in your entire fleet), you should still be able to succeed in this game. Secondly, this game is built for "large" airlines, and not for the small, extremely regional ones. I think this is trying to be fixed, but it is much easier said then done.

Best of luck!


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Re: Mission Impossible.
« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2011, 12:05:32 AM »
Thanks's for the help!

My airline did good. But then the winter came and brought on the "winter harshness", and income dropped along with the temperature in the virtual world. But with reducing the costs on marketing, sacking some employees, made me, per new able too tolerate the drop in income. But fearing that the 70 will be my sudden death.  While I was on top I was making 600-700.000$ a month. And even had 1,6mill$ on book. But like I said, the winter, and I guess more competition brought that down in a remarkably speed. Plus misses from my side concerning decisions. I also have a application with SkyConnect, but now that business have fallen down from pretty good, to under average I guess that it's not a snowball chance inn hell before I turn the numbers in to the color of green. But according to what I read, the benefits of being under the "umbrella" of an alliance is perks & benefits concerning PAX. And I guess that this is one of the factors concerning ENTC-ENFB. But this is how I learn the hint's and tip's of the game.    

I need the Fokkers. For there are almost no more places to fly, and make money with ENTC as a base. With the Fokkers I am able to operate further north, and gaining some cash from the airports who have about 30-50 PAX that will fly. And with 2 more aircraft's i'm closer too opening a new base. And since there are no other airlines flying too the small airport's in North-Norway. This will, hopefully be a nice income source, to help me make some money, and using the marked for what it is. 50 PAX here, and 30 PAX there will make some cash. And all pluses on the budget are nice pluses.

 The Tupolev was a mistake, but it was a temporary replacement for a larger aircraft that could handle more PAX. I did reel good on ENTC-ENFB with 3 flight's a day. But with a competitor on that route, who's taken almost all the passengers there was no point of operating that aircraft on that route. I now have 2 flights 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, but with a price as low as 40$ there is almost no point of operating anything there anymore. So I fear that the 707 will be my death. It was ordered when that route was profitable, but with a competitor flying a larger amount of flight per weekend, the income vs the outcome on the 707 will probably be minor. So I got my 2 flight's, thinking of reopening a 3 flight, just too see if I can match some of the competition. Even lowered the ticket price to 40$ per PAX.

On the subject on restarting. I rather be closed by the bank on this one before restarting. I have in a strange way grown fond of the airline, so I will fight to the bitter end :)

Thank's ekaneti for the info. Sound's good. There is a sad fact that it's hard developing a strong and flexible airline in the north of Norway on this specific "world". But with the chance of making flight's over several airports, before returning to the base would lift the realism of the game, for my part, and giving me a chance to make profit where profit is possible. That's way I purchased the Fokkers. Small enough to handle the short runways, and with a capacity that fit's the predicaments of the planning-tool. 

And riddle me this. Thank's to you as well. I guess, well. I know that I will stick around, and playing-deciding-learning, and swearing a lot, the basic knowledge of the game will increase. But you have good points on the, "small airport's & airlines". I just hope that I get back on track where I made good cash.

But all in all it's awesome, since I started playing this game I have turned even more into a "air-head". With a interest concerning civilian aircraft's-airport's, airlines etc, and then stumble upon this diamond, it's like crack + heroin vitamin for my interest/hobby. I have not played FSX since I begun playing this.

So all that's left now is to hope that I can gain some of the PAX traveling from ENTC-ENFO & up again. And that the Fk 27.'s, along with the 707, who without a doubt had a marked before hard competition came will help me rise again. Inn all, the up's and down's of the game is the essence that makes it all the fun. I will, albeit the trouble now start my new airline on ENTC. Simply cause it's good in your home town. I guess the essence for me is not being #1 on the list's. But trying to make balance in the budget. And slowly building up a airline. And with some modifications on the next airline I will open, and hopefully some from the crew on AirwaySim it should be possible,

But in the end. This is pretty fun. And once more, thank's for all help. I am indeed grateful for the help, slowly growing (I hope) from newbie to some sort of novice.




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Re: Mission Impossible.
« Reply #5 on: November 24, 2011, 12:13:10 AM »
and one more thing.

Of course my inner CEO want's to grow Penguin Airbraker's larger. I guess I just gott'o wait for better times when the folks of north feel like seeing more then just Norway. The plan I pictured was enabling a decent airline, and making profit inside the borders of my country, while the demand for routes outside my borders grow as the the years fly by. And when time passes I guess the demand for flight inside and outside Norway grow? Enabling possibilities of expanding flight's. The hope was to get enough planes, cash, and PAX so that I could, after a gooooooooooood while operating from ENTC could open a second base in the south. Targeting the routes from Norway into Europe, and the rest of the world.


Offline alexgv1

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Re: Mission Impossible.
« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2011, 01:00:05 AM »
Hi Eric, great to see your enthusiasm for this game.

Fair enough for sticking it through to the end on this game world... I wish you luck.

I would suggest one alternative to your for next time which might be more painless... why not open up HQ at Olso, and then base at your home airport, as a token/sentimental base. That's what other players have done. Because sometimes it's not possible to follow your home airport dream, especially if it handles smaller traffic.

Example: In my hometown of Luton I would have no trouble setting up a medium sized airline, but if I did it in Southampton then I would be stuffed. Similar situation, barely enough aircraft for another base, so I could not emulate the local airline's business model.

If you would like any advice or have any questions regarding the game engine, etc. please feel free to PM me.

CEO of South Where Airlines (SWA|WH)


  • Former member
Re: Mission Impossible.
« Reply #7 on: November 24, 2011, 01:12:59 AM »
Hello! And thank you for the advice, it had not crossed my mind at all.. I guess I have to reconsider the "future of flying penguins".

I guess there is still time to build up a airline and develop it the right way, example. Open a second base etc.

Got any hints on this. And should I steer away from airport's, example ENFB that is closed during night time?

Anyway, great seeing people responding and helping me.



  • Former member
Re: Mission Impossible.
« Reply #8 on: November 28, 2011, 03:34:11 AM »
okay i see your airline is in trouble. 1st problem: you operate 4 727 and 1! Tupe. Please take a look at your commonality costs, operating only 1 a/c of one type is fatal. 2nd, you orderd 1! 727 and 2 F27. This can kill you, then it will lift your commonality costs even higher.

Try to stay with 2 a/c types - one shor trange, one medium.

Maybe you start over...
As I remember, Hughes Airwest (eventually got folded into Delta after a few decades of mergers and such), if anyone remembers them, operated both DC-9's of all types and F-27's and did great!!!! I don't think the Tupe was a good idea, but it's NOT always fatal.


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