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Author Topic: Shanghai Airport questions to SAMI  (Read 688 times)


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Shanghai Airport questions to SAMI
« on: October 26, 2011, 01:24:50 PM »
Hello Sami, in the beginners game, I just got the notification of monopoly oversupply to Shanghai Pudong airport, this is because there is a new airport in the city, Shanghai Hongqiao.
Will these routes be switched automatically?? I don't see any notice that the PUDONG airport might be closing but all the demand numbers have switched to the Hongqiao airport?? I know that Pudong airport is still active in China I travel to it every year so what the process here??
Since in the route editing page you cant switch the cities, I would have to delete all these routes and open new ones, which would cost a ton of money? any ideas??

Notification from the Anti Monopoly Bureau,

The Game Rules state that airline is not allowed to oversupply routes with excess seat capacity to allow fair competition. The automatic checking system has found some of your routes to be in violation of these rules (you provide too much capacity on the routes, and are exceeding the limits set forth in the rules).

Please check these routes and reduce their capacity immediately so that they are no longer oversupplied against the rules. If changes are not made within 48 hours the system will close down these routes.

Routes in violation of the rules:
LO001, ZSPD - ZGGG   
LO005, ZSPD - ZGGG   
LO055, ZSPD - ZGGG   
LO069, ZSPD - ZGGG   
LO071, ZSPD - ZGGG   

Please be aware that oversupplying a route is forbidden in the game rules and airlines violating the rules may be penalized.
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Re: Shanghai Airport questions to SAMI
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2011, 07:03:05 PM »

Shanghai is a special case since the old airport did not close but switched to a domestic airport, there are only 2-3 such cases. If you are based at the airport you will be moved to the new airport but in these cases the routes are not moved since the system does not know the route demands and cannot see it they should be transferred or not.

In normal cases the old airport closes and new opens (for example when HKG Kai Tak airport closed & new opened), and all bases and routes are automatically transferred.


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