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Author Topic: [-] Some features we could model off of Airlinesim..  (Read 932 times)


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[-] Some features we could model off of Airlinesim..
« on: October 18, 2011, 05:16:40 PM »
Hello everyone - I was looking at some of the features in use on Airlinesim, and I thought that it would pretty much solve a lot of the problems with the features we want implemented. I think this is more of an easier way to code and implement than anything, but it will also introduce some realistic features and streamlining the various complicated features requested on the forums.

First is holding companies, because that way it is easier to create the subsidiaries that everyone has been asking for, and would make it easier to run larger airlines and whatnot - cargo airlines could even fit better because they would be easier to manage. This would be the central hub for all airline operations, so the main screen would be the holding company instead of the various airlines. Subsidiaries would be limited to the same country only (except the European Union, where airlines can open up a subsidiary in a country that is part of the EU) for the first 5 years from when you've started up, and from then on in you are allowed ONE airline per foreign country (e.g. being the Virgin brand). Routes of a subsidiary would be shown in other various colors (red for LCC, orange for full-service, blue for commuter, brown for cargo) so that it shows all the routes each airline serves.

Second is a global stock market, where holding companies (not airlines of the holding companies) would buy and sell stocks of airlines they want to place on the market, and it would allow an easy way for airlines to acquire other airlines or sell them if they want to downsize etc. Part of the buy/sell feature would be a form for each holding company's CEO to sign, which would outline the acquisition plan. e.g. Airline A of Holding Company A will be acquired by Holding company B for x m/billion dollars, and all assets, rights and whatnot would be relinquished to Holding Company B. --OR-- e.g. Airline A of Holding Company A and Airline B of Holding Company B will merge under the direct control of Holding Company __, and both airlines will share the assets and resources of each other. Holding Company B will manage _____ part of the airline [e.g. airline expansion, loans, marketing etc].

Third would be codesharing and alliances, but this is more of an update. I agree that 25 airlines is sufficient enough for an alliance, however I think it would be good to update it to adapt to holding companies and whatnot. I think that there should be some sort of option in airline settings to choose your main airline, which will be the airline displayed as your member airline. There would only be ONE airline per country per alliance member, so instead of using individual airlines for the members, I think the holding company should be used instead. This allows more airlines of a particular member to be a part of the same alliance, because then it would allow room for affiliate airlines, such as a commuter airline etc. For the codesharing, holding companies would propose to other holding companies on behalf of an airline to codeshare (50% goes to Airline A and 50% goes to Airline B, and routes would come up maybe black on the route map to show which routes airlines are codesharing on. Codesharing plans would last up to 5 years, after which they can be renewed for up to the same amount, with a minimum of 1 year. I know that the 50/50 is probably not realistic, but it would just make it easier to code and probably more profitable to run. You can edit this part as you see fit, so maybe airlines do a "routes 1, 2, 3, for routes x, y, z" thing on a 50/50 profit split.

Fourth is more of just a point for coding, but holding companies would be where all the money goes. So the main screen would be the holding company's. This would also allow each airline to use the money from the holding company instead of just the airline, and would (big point here) ALLOW COMMUTER AIRLINES TO BE PROFITABLE!! It would also allow excess money to go towards other airlines instead of each airline having a ton of excess money that cannot be transferred to ones who needs it in your company, such as commuter airlines. Commuter airlines should also be allowed, for simplicity reasons, to open up to 10 hubs from the country they are based in. But it should be limited to ONE commuter airline per full-service airline (there would be an option in airline settings where each airline would choose whether they are an LCC, Full-Service, Commuter or Cargo airline) to stop airlines taking advantage of the increase in hubs. Also, there should be a requirement of at least one full-service airline for a commuter airline to use as it's mainline partner (when creating a commuter airline, the name of the full-service airline you're partnering with will be put in automatically, e.g. "Air Canada", and you'd add "Jazz" onto the end to make it your commuter airline, but it should be just put it as editable). Another thing is that instead of wasting marketing money on each airline, the holding company should be where you market from. (e.g. you want to increase the CI of Air Canada versus Air Canada Jazz, so you would market Air Canada from the holding company, which would increase the CI of only Air Canada)

Tell me what you think and if you think it works, everyone! :)


Visionary Holdings Co. ;D
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Re: Some features we could model off of Airlinesim..
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2011, 05:37:16 PM »
We do not intend to copy.

Also please read the instructions before posting. ie. search first, one topic per issue etc.


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Re: [-] Some features we could model off of Airlinesim..
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2011, 06:07:52 PM »
It's not copying if you make it differently, because we've set up guidelines and rules, as well as coding and new options, that Airlinesim does not have.


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