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Author Topic: Low Load factors on routes which includes stops???  (Read 614 times)


  • Former member
Low Load factors on routes which includes stops???
« on: January 11, 2009, 10:42:56 AM »
KPHX-KORD-KPHX = good load factors...
KPHX-KLAX-KPHX = good load factors...
in the plannin page, i see that KLAX-KORD has high demand.. so i start
KPHX-KLAX-KORD-KLAX-KPHX = the leg of kphx-klax and klax-kphx is good load factor but klax-kord and kord-klax is very very poor load factor.....

whenever i put a route A-B-C-B-A, the B-C-B legs are always poor load factor.... is it always like this Huh ive tried it with different cities n the result is the same, is it unadvsable to do this type of route?


  • Former member
Re: Low Load factors on routes which includes stops???
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2009, 11:25:27 AM »
When you create a route that has 3 airports, it's like creating two routes, the first being a-b and the second b-c. So, you have to remember, that every time you start a new route, the route image (shown from Office - Route image) is near 0. That of course lower the LF. Also, having less than 3 flights/week on a route lowers the LF, so it's always good to have every route flown every day for maximum LF's (though, this does not always guarantee that you'll get 100% LF).
Now, in your case, I understand that prior to creating the 3-legged route, you already have another airplane flying the KPHX-KLAX-route. So, that route of course has higher route image as the passengers already know that this flight exists, and therefore more passengers will fly that leg. But, the route KLAX-KORD was only just opened, so it can't get very high LF in the first weeks. It should get better soon.

And now, you ask about if it's good to make those 3-legged route. In my opinion, yes. That way, you use your own airport's slots less and save them for later use, and also take the routes from other airlines flying from those airports you connect. This way, you have the possibility to create more routes than those who just fly from A to B and back.
However, 3-legged routes aren't always the best option. They take a lot of time from the airplane and may require 2 aircraft to fly the route so you get at least 6 flights/week.
In general, it's perhaps more about the interests of the player rather than which of them is better to chooce whether to fly 3-legged routes or not.


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