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Author Topic: Fuel and Fuel Contracts  (Read 2125 times)


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Fuel and Fuel Contracts
« on: September 27, 2011, 08:35:06 PM »
Is anyone out there with an airline that is still going from the initial start-up of the game saving money on their (second) fuel contracts?

This game world has been a bit of a disaster for me in terms of fuel management.  My first contract was fine; I grew at a rate that allowed me to make use of the second half of the contract for some modest savings.  Once that expired, three game years in, however, the contracts offered have been hugely expensive.  When I finally saw one that looked like it might payoff in the long term, I gambled on it and lost badly.  I ended up paying for a contract that cost me, despite continued expansion to the point that I now have 275 a/c and am the second largest consumer of fuel in the game.  My problem has been the lack of a real fuel spike and the fact that my fleet is split between three bases.  Not only is it difficult to figure out your exact fuel consumption at each base, the contracts offered to well established fleets are really only an insurance policy against high fuel spikes or massive fleet expansion. But neither of those conditions pertain in this game (at least when you have modest hubs).  So at YYZ, where I have about 150 a/c, I took out my second contract thinking fuel was finally going up, but it just spiked in the mid $300s and then proceeded downwards.  At no point in the two year contract did I actually save any money. 

Is my experience unique/unlucky, or have other large carriers had similar difficulties getting second contracts that bring a net benefit over their duration?


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