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Author Topic: Fuel used per base?  (Read 650 times)

Offline ArcherII

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Fuel used per base?
« on: August 12, 2011, 05:21:48 AM »
As the title says, is there a way to know how much fuel is used base-wise?
If there isn't a way, I would like to make this a request. Mainly because the fuel contracts are impossible to cast IMO with the whole weekly fuel bill from the income statement.

Offline ukatlantic

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Re: Fuel used per base?
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2011, 06:42:54 AM »
I have to admit I would like to see the fuel discount shown in a better manner (more like a simplified invoice) so you would have fuel cost before discount, fuel cost after discount or total discount applied in $ and fuel contract cost as seperate lines, that way at least you have some idea of how much you are actually saving by having a fuel contractor on board. 


  • Former member
Re: Fuel used per base?
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2011, 02:03:35 PM »
Agreed.  Right now if you have two or more bases the breakdown for each is just a guestimate.

I also find the contracts on offer at various bases to be rather random.  How are fuel companies competing with one another when one offers, for instance, 4% for 7 mil for two years and other 5% for 3.5 mil for two years?  I realize there is probably some kind of randomizing algorithm at work, but right now decision to go with a contract relies too much on timing, and frankly, luck. It would be better (and more challenging), in my opinion, if the competing contracts were more structured around short term / long term advantages: one company offers a better deal, but only for the short term; another less good in the short term, but obviously better long term. Then difficult decisions would have to be made by airlines.  That may, in fact, have been what Sami intended in setting up the system, but right I haven't seen it work out that way.


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Re: Fuel used per base?
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2011, 04:36:04 PM »

This has been annoying me greatly :/


  • Former member
Re: Fuel used per base?
« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2011, 02:59:22 PM »

I agree with you guys , It is very hard to estimate if the fuel contract are usefull or not when you more than 1 base. Something to work on for the next updates :)


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