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Author Topic: I know this is probably a usless question, but I'm doing a bankruptcy...  (Read 908 times)


  • Former member
restart and as much as I view the two letter code list (over and over), I just can't seem to get one for my carrier. Does anyone have a way they do it in difficult times when the game is full or just keep trying (thats the obvious answer, I'm sure). There is room for me, and I'm in, but I think I've gone bugged eyed from trying to get the two character code. I just need a darned 2 character code. I know its a lame question, but I thought I'd try asking. Thanks all! P.S. I do believe I saw some codes with two numbers, are we opening that up? ???


  • Former member
According to sami's post in the v1.3 features thread the code can be letter-letter, letter-number, or number-letter, but not number-number.  This was a recent post however, so the number-number codes may not have been blocked when the game world opened.

The legal combinations should yield just under 1200 possible codes, so there should be plenty of choices left, if not necessarily ones that make sense for your airline's name.


  • Former member
Ok Thank you! Its just a matter of hunting I see. Wish me luck! :)


  • Former member
Found one nearly right away!!!! :laugh:

Offline Sami

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I am plannng to make it automatically suggest a code as it may be hard to come up with one. Though you can view other airline codes and names at the airline creation page now too.


  • Former member
Sami that would be great. I had to start over and (if this helps) going to spend some more money (well I always do, LOL :laugh:) but I can't seem to get a code for my carrier in MT5. My eyes are sore from looking at the list and just when I think I may have it, its taken. Can you help me sami? Its Northern Sun Airlines in MKE. I have everything else in place, good routes to fly, I just need a 2 character code. If you can help that would be great.


  • Former member
Actually, sami,  I have a great scenario, but can't make it work because of the 2 character code. I just can't look anymore for awhile ;).


  • Former member
Got a code!!! I'm so happy! But some automated help would be nice. ;)


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