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Author Topic: Ruling: Used aircraft market refreshing  (Read 956 times)

Offline Sami

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Ruling: Used aircraft market refreshing
« on: July 28, 2011, 10:07:26 AM »
(posting this again so everyone is aware of this)

The "reload protection" of used aircraft market page has been recently improved to block people who sit at the market all day waiting for new planes to appear. This is not the purpose of the used market and constant reloading of the page has been already previosly forbidden (since v.1.2). However I discovered some days ago that some people had still managed to avoid the rule by reloading the page in such intervals (not so frequent) that the reload blocker did not catch them (they were either using a browser add-on for automatic refresh or pressing reload/F5 themselves).

In light of this data the reload protection is improved and now monitors a longer period of time for each user. If excessive number of page loads for the used market is seen the user in question is blocked from that particular page for several minutes. All of these warnings are logged and monitored and if the reloading habit continues despite of the automated warning the administration has the authority to temporary ban the account completely.

Using of any automated reloader tools is forbidden in Terms of Service, and the special rule of used market page is now added to Game Rules too (but was previously visible also on the used market page's warning message).

Regular users should not be worried of this, if you for some reason get the big red warning box at used aircraft page you have exceeded the threshold and should come back to the market after 10-15 minutes earliest. You do not need to know what the warning threshold is (as said, you will not see it in normal use!), you will see it if you exceed it - but if you get the warning then please back off.

The rulings and settings have been made so that the market is a fair place for everyone and helping users not sitting at their computer all day (= people refreshing the market cannot perhaps instantly snatch the planes).


The log files of yesterday and today have been checked and four accounts have been warned due minor violation, and four have received a ban due a major violation (and they have been previously warned or been fully aware of the rule and page loading has been facilitated by automatic reloader or been otherwise hugely excessive - sad to see that the visible talk here on the forums, to which some of the persons in question even participated, has not helped at all - hence the 'harsh' measures).
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