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Author Topic: Used Aircraft Market - Actual Complaint  (Read 593 times)

Offline JonnyAngel

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Used Aircraft Market - Actual Complaint
« on: July 27, 2011, 07:59:53 PM »

I'm not really sure what's been going on with the UAM, what, with all the accusations flying fast and loose in the forum. I'll remain opinionless on who has done what, but, if there is some malfeasance going on, I don't think it's stopped with the new rule. I just watched 3 Airbus go in 3 minutes. 3 mins from my randomly checking to see if there were planes, clicking the aircraft, seeing that there were 2.9 minutes left in the aircraft's reservation and then the aircraft being gone. I've been playing AWS for a while, and that strikes me as hellafishy and way too fast. Either the policy hasn't stopped the offenders, or maybe there are just many other players like myself also desperately watching the market because a select few have chosen to hog the used aircraft stock, and so its now a matter of spending every waking minute on Airwaysim to see if you can get anything to put in the air.

Whatever the cause, something has got to be done. A few airlines lopped up all the used aircraft using underhand means, and then used their profits to jam the new aircraft market, leaving the rest of us who weren't using auto-refreshers or whatevers, stuck - and frankly screwed. You can't find new used planes (there are only 27 used Airbuses, for example, left in storage ATOP according to the global stats page) and you can't order new planes - because you'll be waiting for at least 3 game years before taking delivery. Leaving you constrained to slow growth OR to flying a hodge-podge fleet which gets you dinged when fuel prices rise because you're already losing on commonality.

In short, It's ridiculous. I have absolutely no idea how you can fairly remedy the situation, and hope maybe other players can offer some suggestions. But as is, this is really screwing us 'human web browser' users.


PS - the 1.3 mods are great.  :)

Offline Sami

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Re: Used Aircraft Market - Actual Complaint
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2011, 08:03:12 PM »
Not again another thread on this please...

But the used market concept will not be changed, so much effort has been put to it already (and this autorefresh thingy is yet again taking my time to it) and focus is completely elsewhere at this time. And any changes to it will be most likely unnecessary if you're aware of the bigger plan (where there will not be a game world starting in the empty world and this way eliminating the huge rush).

(also, for reference, it does not need more than just two-three mouse clicks to lease the plane if you already know that you will lease everything for certain period (like 1yr), and have the seat config ready. Does not take more than 5 seconds.)
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