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Author Topic: Ideas for developing aircraft maintenance  (Read 828 times)

Offline Sundaypilot

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Ideas for developing aircraft maintenance
« on: December 27, 2008, 04:47:13 PM »
Currently aircraft maintenance is pretty much simplified.
I think it is quite OK for the first version, but it could also be improved a lot in future, to be more realistic.

Do you have ideas how it should be ?
Please share your ideas here, so Sami could start developing it right after release...

What I've been thinking is some kind of "Maintenance department" feature.

You should have "maintenance halls" or "maintenance stands" with required staff to do all C & D checks.
- "Maintenance stands" could be of different sizes just like plane categories: small, medium, large.
- Each stand would have certain number of staff and a constant weekly cost (f.ex. Medium maintenance stand: 3 middle managers, 10 engineers, 30 technicians, weekly cost 50.000$)

All C & D checks should be scheduled to these maintenance stands.
So there should be some kind of maintenance calendar with maintenance stands and list of your planes and their C & D check deadlines.
I feel it could be quite nicely implemented with similar control as aircraft schedules at the moment.

- If you have only small planes in your fleet, you would only need small maintenance stands.
- You could use large stand for maintenance of medium or small planes (but of course large plane would require large stand)
- If you don't have enough free maintenance time in your calendar, you could create a new maintenance stand.

I suppose this Maintenance department -feature should be optional. So if you like to keep it simple, you could stay using the current way.
But for the extra effort, using Maintenance department should be cheaper than "automatic maintenance dept".

Later on it would be nice to have some differences in maintenance times for different aircraft types. So for example C check could take 14 days for B737 and 12 days for A320 (just an example...)

Technical services and maintenance  -staff should be split into Line-maintenance staff (making A&B checks) and Maintenance department staff.

I suppose A&B checks could stay as they are. At least I don't know how to change them without going to "micro-management".


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Re: Ideas for developing aircraft maintenance
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2008, 06:07:41 PM »
I think that we should be able to make the smaller maintenance (A and B checks) also in other airports than our own. This way we could nicely have a plane stay overnight at an airport and get the check done at the same time.
One way to do this might be to allow airlines to establish a maintenance department, which would have its own hangars and require staff (but this could still be listed as is). This way, we could have our own maintenance a bit more clearer than it is now. And, in addition, we should also be able to do maintenance for the airplanes of other airlines for a fee that we could set ourselves (so if there are more than 1 airline with maintenance facilities at an airport, there would be competition on those prices, too). Also, airline could only have its own maintenance at the HUB airport, and nowhere else. Elsewhere they would have to buy the maintenance, or at HUB, if they don't have maintenance themselves.

I don't know if there should be any clear amount of how many aircraft you can service at the same time, or if it should be size limited. Of course, the more there are rules, the better it is, but it is also harder to code.


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Re: Ideas for developing aircraft maintenance
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2008, 09:32:17 PM »
I don't agree with jps, I think we should have a stand wherever we please, and pay a fee every month (covered by the income from other player's fee to us), depending on the airport (maybe with a specific capacity). I think we should have a ready facility in all airports for the good of the smaller airlines (only for small planes, since the price on newcomers should be to low, to make a market, and since they are apt to have small planes).
To make matters a bit more complicated, there could be unscheduled maintenance, listed on a separate 'maintenance log' page. There should be a hanger for dealing with unscheduled maintenance, or, simply to provide spare parts. Even simpler, it could just go on the monthly bill.
Perhaps each world will have 'realism settings', each level involving other ideas proposed in this topic, and others like this.


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Re: Ideas for developing aircraft maintenance
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2009, 08:32:25 PM »
Going over this stuff, I think it makes sense*. And now that the initial release and v1.1, we have time to think about things.
*Exept for one thing- the more the staff are payed, the faster they finish, and the higher quality job they do. Maybe you can set a limit for them to do the maintenance within a dead line, enabeling airlines to become more realistic, and profitable.

and if we go that far, how about inspections will affect image.
btw: Why cant airplanes crash, or a whole fleet be grounded?


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